how to go to Huangshan from Shanghai?
May 28, 2012 00:50
guestvivi Hi, i want to go to Huangshan mt. this Saturday and stay 1 night on Huangshan mt. but I have some question about how should i go there?
1. which choice is better? going from Shanghai to Huangshan by train or by bus?

2.If i go by train, is it clean?

3.if i go by bus, which station should i drop? I search from the internet and found that i have to go to Huangshan scenic area station but what is this station called in Chinese? And is it a right station to take off if i want to go to Yungu Station cable car?

4. from the drop off bus station, is it far from there to Huangshan mt.?

5. Do i need to buy a ticket back from Huangshan to Shanghai in advance?

May 28, 2012 02:13
GUEST5683 1 There are two trains. One leaves at 12:48 and the other departs at 21:10. It takes about 11.5 to 12 hours by train.

There are four buses at Shanghai South Long Distance Bus Station. They all pass by Tunxi Bus Station and finally arrive at Huangshan Tourist Distribution Center.

Schedule: 06:38, 07:58, 09:08, 14:25. Ticket Price: CNY 130(Tunxi Bus Station) and CNY148 (Huangshan Tourist Distribution Center). Duration: 6.5 hours.

Then you can make your decision.

2. It should be clean on both trains because the starting station of both trains is from Shanghai Railway Station.

3 It will bring you up to the tourist distribution center in Huangshan Scenic Area (黄山风景区旅游集散中心). There you can take the special line to Yungu Cable Car Station. It costs about CNY 13 and takes about 20 minutes.

4 Please refer to the question 3.
5 If you come there during the peak season, I do suggest you buy your return ticket in advance.
May 28, 2012 02:32
GUESTVIVI thank you so much for your useful information. I do have one more question to ask, from huangshan back to Shanghai, which way do u think is better between
1.Huangshan to Shanghai by bus
2.Huangshan to Hangzhou then Hangzhou to Shanghai? (is it faster this way?)

Thank you so much
Feb 13, 2013 21:50
GUESTSHARON How to go to Huangshan from Singapore
Feb 17, 2013 00:32

Originally Posted by GUESTSHARON

How to go to Huangshan from Singapore

Fly to Shanghai and then you can choose to take train, flight or bus to Huangshan.

Bus: Shanghai South Long Distance Bus Station near the Shanghai South Railway Station.
Train schedule:
Feb 28, 2013 00:00
GUESTSHARON Can anyone suggest the number of days I should spend in huangshan?
Which hotel is better for me to stay in for both huangshan and Shanghai?
How much is going to cost me if I take a plane to huangshan?

Sry for the amount of questions I have.
Mar 5, 2013 21:42
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At least two days on Yellow Mountain. You may stay at West Sea Hotel on the Yellow Mountain. If you decide to fly from Shanghai to Huangshan, you may choose a hotel near the airport.

Shanghai Hotel:
Huangshan Hotel:
Shanghai flight:
Feb 27, 2014 00:54
GUESTLEE Any high speed train from Shanghai to Huangshan or what is the nearest station, Zhenjiang station??? and how far from there to Huangshan city? by bus or train? Does G7032 go there?
Apr 17, 2015 10:19
GUESTMAFYLOLA where do i buy a bus ticket? must go to the bus station or can i get it online?
Apr 17, 2015 20:30

Originally Posted by GUESTMAFYLOLA

where do i buy a bus ticket? must go to the bus station or can i get it online?

Are you already in China? If so, you can call this phone number to book the bus ticket from Shanghai to Huangshan. Tel: 021-962168

You can find the bus station near the Shanghai South Railway Station.
May 13, 2015 10:07
GUESTRUTGER ... In February 2014 we took the night train (11 hours) from Shanghai to Huangshan, which was clean and comfortable! We booked a soft sleeper ticket via our hostel in Shanghai.

We spend 1 day climbing the mountain, slept a night at the summit, and the second day we walked a bit around the top and went down. Due the beautiful snow, a lot of stairs were closed, so two days were enough in our case. Otherwise you can probably spend one more day at the top.

1. Take night train to Huangshan train station (Huangshan: 黄山)
2. Take a bus from Huangshan to Tangkou village (Tangkou: 汤口镇)
3. Walk to the tourist bus station, take a small bus to the entrance of Huangshan national park.
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