How to make authentic Saozi Noodles (Noodles with Pork Dices)
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Shaanxi locals prefer to eat noodles. People in Qishan County of Baoji City like Saozi Noodles (Noodles with Diced Pork) the most.

Saozi noodles originated from the Zhou Dynasty. Zhou people migrated from Bin (southwest of Xunyi County in Shaanxi) to Qishan and settled down by the Wei River. They had been suffering the drought for three years so that they led a miserable life. By the way, there was an evil dragon in the river. Zhou people fought seven days with the dragon and killed it at last. The hungry people cut the dragon meat into dices and ate together with noodles to celebrate their victory.

Zhou people found that noodles with dragon meat tasted well. Unfortunately, there was just one dragon. Thus, they used pork dices instead.

Compared with the legend mentioned above, another scholar did some researches on Saozi noodles. According to him, Saozi noodles did originate in the Zhou Dynasty. During this dynasty, Zhou people sacrificed saozi noodles to the gods and their ancestors before they ate. Today, Qishan people still observe this tradition. When saozi soup is made, the first bowl is sacrificed to the gods of heaven and earth. Then, the left is sacrificed to their ancestors. Afterwards, people start to eat Saozi noodles.

Today, I search a recipe of making saozi noodles. Anyone who is fond of noodles may give it a try.

Ingredients: marbled pork, potato, egg, carrot, black fungus, Chinese chive and tofu.
Seasoning: Qishan vinegar, ginger or ginger powder, five spices powder, salt, chicken essence, dark soy sauce and chili powder.

Part I How to make Sao Zi
1. Separate fat and lean meat, cut them into pieces separately and add edible oil into the wok. Wait until you can feel the heat when you put your palm over the wok, put fat in and stir-fry until the fat become dry.
2. Add lean pork pieces in and keep stir-frying with the fat.
3. When lean pork pieces turn white, add ginger powder, five spices powder and mix them together very well.
4. Add dark soy sauce to color the pork pieces.
5. Add enough Qishan vinegar (make sure that the pork pieces are covered) and put the wok over strong heat. Clean the scums after it is boiling and then turn into gentle heat.
6. Add enough chili powder and dried chili pieces when the pork dices are 80% done. Wait for 2 or 3 minutes and then put salt in to flavor. Add chicken essence before you pour saozi (pork dices) into a big bowl.

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Part II How to make sour soup and saozi noodles

1. fry a piece of omelet.
2. cut potato, carrot and tofu into small slices, and omelet into rhombus pieces.
3 tear black fungus into pieces, quick-boil black fungus, potato and carrot pieces until they are fully done.
4. add enough water into the wok, put some Qishan vinegar in and boil until it is boiling. Then add some Chinese chive sections.
5. boil noodles in another wok and put it into a bowl when it is done, put boiled black fungus, potato, carrot and tofu pieces and some Sao Zi. Then pour sour soup into the bowl.

A bowl of Saozi noodles is ready.
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How to make Sao Zi?

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How to make Saozi Noodles?

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GUEST59199 This looks delicious! I will be making soon.
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Thanks to offer such a helpful post, keep sharing more interesting content.
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