Are you pissed off when driving on the roads?
Jun 5, 2013 21:50
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Do you feel irritated if the traffic jam occurs? Do you curse the pedestrians who jaywalk the road? Do you blow the horn repeated when someone gets in your way? Do you cut in or overtake other drivers frequently? If you have done all what I said above, you should be careful.

In October of 2007, a driver in Moscow shouted at the pedestrians who crossed the road too slowly. The pedestrians ignored him and didn’t walk quickly. The driver was pissed off. He took out a gun and shot three pedestrians down. What a terrible accident!

If the pedestrians cross the road too slowly, don’t get pissed off. Why not turn on your radio or play a song to change your mood? If a driver cut in, just let him go. You will know that he will encounter a traffic accident sooner or later. If a driver overtakes you, let him go and never race with him on the road. The one who doesn’t cherish his life might get himself killed. It’s not wise to die with him together. If a driver blows the horn repeatedly, turn up your radio and ignore him. You know that he is a jerk. Why don’t you get pissed off?

Don’t remember to put a bat and a helmet in your car in case a jerk picks on you. Sometimes a jerk pretends to be a tiger. But he turns into a sheep when he meets a real tiger. Remember that you are not going to fight him. You just want to defend yourself.

Jun 15, 2013 04:32
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Don’t remember to put a bat and a helmet in your car in case a jerk picks on you.

What if the jerk has a knife? Last night I met a stupid driver. He was sandwiched between two buses. The road was narrow. If I were him, I wouldn't have challenged the buses. Let them go!

One of the two buses ran away. He stopped the bus I took and asked the driver to get off. The driver didn't listen to him. Then he started to say four-letter words. A few minutes later, the bus driver drove away.
Jun 19, 2013 05:22
  • MARK_81
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Yes I absolutely loathe traffic jams!! especially when you have the wife and kids at the back of the car and its boiling hot outside. lol

I don't really get "road rage" however unless a driver is being really obnoxious about his driving!! I remember this one time back in australia I got got out the car and had an argument right there on the street! lol this guy almost ran me off the road!
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