A Hero's Story
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A Hero’s Story

The day before yesterday afternoon, he saw a man with a gun who was robbing a woman of her handbag, on his way to work, and cried out to chase the robber. Although he could not catch up with the robber, the robber failed to rob the woman of her handbag.
He has been acting as a policeman on streets and bus when he meets evil behaviors for 20 years. He has never regretted or complained it although he is retaliated. This man is Mr Chen Wen who is a security guard at Xuwen High School.
Chen Wen bravely and smartly assisted the police in arresting criminals who killed people.
Chen Wen was still nervous when he told his thrilled story to the journalist.
In ealy 1998, his wife launched a Salon,located nearby the dock of Hai’an, there is a single narrow room in the salon. Chen Wen used to assist his wife in doing some chore housework, he was unemployed at that time. He confronted the most dangerous and thrilling case in the salon.
On the afternoon of March 1, 1998, Chen Wen saw a car turning around beside the dock, when he sat on a stool beside the door of the salon. The car suddenly was driven to stop beside the salon. Three young men and three women got off the car, they carried nothing. One man went up to sit down beside Chen Wen, and took initiative to tell Chen Wen that they came from Guangzhou, wanted to ask him to keep an eye on their car, they 6 people took a ferry to Hainan Island to do something special. Chen Wen was willing to help them.What the young man said alerted Chen Wen, “big brother, we have little money left, could you lend us five hundred yuan, we would return it to you after we come back from Hainan?”Chen Wen felt the six people were abnormal, found two men’s bodies that hid knives and guns.A type of feared feeling suddenly flitted from his heart.

Chen told the journalist, although he was a little scared but still pretending to be calm, please return them six people inside the salon , followed by the masses to indicate a door alarm . A few minutes later , the police rushing over spot from the six men and women found in possession of knives and other weapons wire . The police investigation eventually leaving Chen surprised : that six men fled several provinces in the neck by means of using iron wire robbery and murder of several drivers , the same day of driving stolen car attempted to escape Hainan continue to commit crimes , the result is at MSC pier was arrested .

The journalist recently learned from the police who participated in the arrest of criminals out there that year confirmed wit Chen bravery. It is understood that when the MSC Xuwen County Public Security Bureau ( now defunct ) awarded a third class this individual police officers and therefore awarded the individual three-grade prize. Police assistance was also arrested criminals prefer to give Chen Please successful, but it was low-key Chen refused. (To be continued)

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( Continued)

Because often "nosy " who have been beaten retaliation

In 1981, Chen, graduated from Xuwen High School joined the army for three years . After serving , he worked in a number of cities, played work . In 1995, he was introduced by a friend went to Doumen County, Zhuhai ,a hotel security guard . Year in August one day around 21:00 , Chen did not work their way back to go shopping and found two men armed with a knife on a 20- year-old young woman robbery . A lot of people in the vicinity , but those who are apathetic . Chen discovered, immediately come forward without fear catching two criminals . Criminals fear of being caught , and fled in the body robbed from the girl more than 100 dollars in cash and the woman's identity thrown to the ground eventually was able to escape. Chen did not catch the criminals thugs throwing things on the floor and picked up the money , personally sent back to the girl’s hands. Three months after the incident , the hotel's security chief was aware of this , do not blame Chen timely reporting .
One afternoon eight years ago , Chen rode back from Zhanjiang Xuwen South Station . Lingbei car driving to town, when the car six men suddenly stood up and brandished a knife and said to be robbery , threatening all the money we pay out . Face six gangsters , sitting front of Chen calmly pointed to his chest against criminals said: "The money is here , and you rushed hither ." Awe-inspiring wonder Chen momentum is frightened or worried match for Chen , in short, that the six criminals did not grab on a dime "You look at me I look at you" go off . Criminals gone, several passengers expressed admiration and praise for him .
Two years ago, one afternoon, a 40- year-old migrant from Hainan Hai Hong Kong by bus ready to go when Xuwen car, take the coach , who carries 900 yuan in the bus with each other by two men snatched . Chen discovered sitting in the car , in which a pickpocket caught to the police , the other a pickpocket fled. That middle-aged very moved out of the spot where I want to reward 200 yuan Chen , Chen Wenwan but was refused it.
As repeatedly grabbed the bus pickpockets , leading some pickpockets mistaken Chen is undercover . When a pickpocket was caught crying and begging Chen : "The police comrades , let me go , my wife was sick, it is still small children at home ." This allows Chen dumbfounding. Chen 's colleagues, friends told reporters that over the years, Chen met either in the bus or on the road met a pickpocket thugs grab something , he will " nosy " did not hesitate to come forward. Although he did those things are silently without asking , but his " nosy " has attracted a gangster revenge. (To be continued)
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(Continued) Last year at 23:05 on September 29 , Chen left home alone, ready to go to work at night cycling . On the way , he was more than 10 men with bricks and fists beat him , causing his head , hands and body with multiple injuries . Fortunately, the injury is not serious , he just rest a while in the hospital bandaged after the time insisted the hospital. Chen said , showed their batterer was called "playing this sucker , nosy ." Police are involved in the investigation , but ultimately failed to catch the perpetrators . But let him feel relieved that the incident Xuwen County Public Security Bureau leadership and school leaders, teachers and some students have arrived at the hospital and his family to visit him.

Never regretted still adheres to the "nosy ".

Despite being a gangster revenge , but Chen still does not change the " nosy " character . Sometimes criminals met at the roadside or car setup, fraud , and he will stand up to the scam stir scattered , outlaws angry teeth but could do nothing .

Being upright and kind, on one occasion, a foreign traveler from Zhanjiang Xuwen South Station and then took a ferry to Hainan , but in the car by a group of criminals who set up scam cheated thousands of dollars later also beat him . Chen midway on the car knew when to get off the gang had gone. After the car to Xuwen Chen learned that the man had no money could not cross the harbor , Chen initiative gave him one hundred dollars to buy a ticket , the man was moved to tears.
Years of "meddling" experience, Chen once had to let him chilling thing. Two years ago, one day ,a woman in Dongfang Road, Xuwen, encounter bandits robbed . Nobody passers criminals escape to catch up, but escaped after a few tens of meters from a store after hearing, Chen wittily legs stretched out , tripped and captured criminals . Woman robbed while to catch up to get the stolen property , and even say " thank you" did not say anything and left.
Retaliation or, encountered does not know Thanksgiving worth mentioning, Chen never regretted his " nosy " behavior. Old saying "comes around , goes around ." Chen recently told the reporter that he was " nosy " never thought to get nothing in return . If we say that in return for his health is perhaps greatest return. Currently in Xuwen High School security work of Chen , the biggest hobby is to ride a bike fitness . He told the reporter that he come to work by bike every day , after work often rides a bike fitness . This year has been 51 -year-old Chen , hardly seen the disease into the hospital . He said that to have a healthy body, for him, is the great happiness and joy.
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