How should American solve their debt crisis? “Kill everyone in China”, kids say
Oct 24, 2013 01:28
Jimmy Kimmel and its boss ABC have made a brilliant show named “Kid’s Table”. When he and the kids moved to the solution for the US’s debt crisis, Jimmy Kimmel said that the US owes a lot of money to China and he asked for a solution from the kids. Some kids gave Jimmy the best solution “Kill everyone in China”. Jimmy replied “It’s an interesting idea.”

Is it really interesting? Kids are innocent and say what they want to say. But Are Jimmy and ABC as innocent as the kids? How could they make this show known to everyone? Jimmy should be fired and He together with his boss ABC should make a formal apology to all Chinese people.

Currently, a petition has been made on the white house petition website. Around 75000 people request that Jimmyb Kimmel and his show should be investigated. Furthermore, a sincere apology should be issued too.
Nov 9, 2013 19:28
GUEST23162 Agreed 100%
Nov 10, 2013 21:03

Originally Posted by GUEST23162

Agreed 100%

Agreed on the kids' saying? Or you also think that they should apologize for it? It's reported that more than 100000 people in 26 cities of the USA march on the street and require ABC to make another sincere apology.
Nov 11, 2013 08:14
GUEST92131 Kimmel "dropped the ball". No amount of apology will be enough, he has to go.

Had it been a statement against blacks, he would have been terminated on the spot.

The kid who said what he said probably heard it at home. We don't know anything about his background, but we feel his resentment and intolerance toward China. And that's sad.

Please don't forget the the USA is still a melting pot, and racial frictions are to be expected.
Nov 12, 2013 03:44
GUEST7889 The kids just speak for some Americans. When a debtor owes too much money, he will be nervous. When he knows that he can't pay back the money, they will do their best to evade the debts.

However, the USA is not an ordinary debtor. As the most powerful nation in the world, many nations are willing to buy the debts willingly. It never worries about the debts. Do you know how much membership dues the US owes to the UN? I am sure that the US never thinks of paying back the dues. It's a joke that the most powerful nation in the world doesn't have money to pay its membership dues to the UN.
Nov 19, 2013 01:23
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I saw Kimmel in a YouTube clip. ABC is to blame for allowing this to be broadcast. Obama, who always has something to say, said nothing. Western common law has the saying, "silence gives consent." Obama should have called this a disgrace, his failure to speak brings further shame on the White House.
Nov 20, 2013 20:13
I read different opinions on the internet. Some people criticize Chinese people make a fuss about a "trifling matter". The media needs to be honest. If the part is cut, what can they say when the kids ask them "Why did my words were cut?"
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