Warning: Never work in China illegally!
Dec 11, 2013 21:08
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The following news might be useful to those foreigners who stay in China.

On December 2, 2013, a foreigner rode his motorbike in the wrong side of the road. Suddenly, a middle aged woman was knocked down. The woman sat on the ground and didn’t let him go. The foreigner was angry and spoke dirty words in Chinese. After a while, the traffic police came and then the foreigner started to speak English. At last, they both reached an agreement. The foreigner accompanied the woman to have an examination at the hospital. The woman wasn’t injured badly. Thus, the foreigner paid her 1800 RMB.

Thanks to the media, the foreigner has been known to all Chinese. The police watched the surveillance video and noticed that the foreigner went in a wrong direction when he rode his motorbike. He also didn’t have the driver license and plate number for his motorbike. Besides, he carried his girlfriend on the motorbike, which was also against the traffic law. Finally, he was fined 1500 RMB and had himself detained for 7 days.

The police also found that the foreigner and his father worked illegally in Beijing. According to China’s Entry and Exit Administration Law, the foreigner was detained for another five days and fined 5000 RMB. His father was detained for 14 days and fined 10000 RMB. When they get out of the detention room, the foreigner and his father will be repatriated immediately. Also, the company that hired the foreigner and his father was fined 20000 RMB.
Dec 11, 2013 21:43
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A photographer passed by when the foreigner hit the woman down. He shot a piece of video and handed them over to the website he works for. He also added a short description “A woman fell down suddenly when a foreigner rode a motorbike and passed by her. She lay down and couldn’t stand up.”

As a result, some Chinese media quoted the photographer’s photos and published their news. The contents were almost the same “The foreigner helped the woman stand up but was framed up. The woman asked him to pay her medical expenses.” Due to these Chinese media, many people believed that the woman fell down on purpose and that the foreigner was framed up.

The woman explained in the interview the photographer didn’t know about the truth. According to her, she was knocked down by the motorbike. The foreigner and his girlfriend tried to drag her to the side of the road and prepared to move the motorbike. She thought they planned to run away. So she bent over the motorbike and didn’t let them go. She reiterated that she didn’t frame the foreigner up for money. She was a businesswoman before but retires now. She receives more than 2000 RMB per month as pension and her daughter has a stable job. So she didn’t do it on purpose for money.

The foreigner’s girlfriend Ms. Wang was interviewed by Beijing Youth Daily. She admitted that her boyfriend knocked the woman down. She explained that her boyfriend and she wanted to lift her up. However, the woman just lay there and didn’t move. Then she said to her boyfriend “Let’s go!” Suddenly, the woman opened her eyes and bent over the motorbike and said she was injured.

Then Ms. Wang and her boyfriend said they were willing to take her to have an examination at the hospital. However, the woman didn’t move. Therefore, they tried to lift her up. Suddenly, the woman exclaimed and held the motorbike tightly. Her boyfriend was angry and started to speak dirty words.

Ms. Wang said the woman lay down on the ground and quarreled with them nearly two hours. Finally she agreed to have the examination. She thought both her boyfriend and she were treated unfairly. She admitted that her boyfriend knocked the woman down. However, they already apologized and compensated her with 1800 RMB. What else does the woman want from us?

However, the woman insisted that the man who knocked her down never apologized for his mistake.
Dec 11, 2013 22:00
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The photographer was also interviewed. According to him, the foreigner was mild and didn’t speak dirty words at first. When the woman exclaimed and held his motorbike tightly, he became angry and yelled dirty words in Chinese. Some Chinese people who didn’t know the whole incident even tried to beat the foreigner when he spoke dirty words.

The photographer thought both sides should be blamed. The foreigner knocked the woman down. However, the woman performed like an actress. In fact, she was injured badly. He handed over his photos and video to the website he worked for. Sadly, some media revised his description and made up the story that the foreigner was framed up.

The photographer’s photos have been removed from the internet. The reporter who reported the wrong story apologized but his face was blurred in the video. Also, the photographer sent two apology messages to the woman. But the woman didn’t think the photographer made a sincere apology. “He never told me his name. I didn’t think it was an apology.”, said the woman.

I read that the photographer already made an open letter of apology on the internet. I don’t know if the woman will forgive him.
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