"Heiko" from Germany
Dec 24, 2013 10:38
guest07154 I was asked by the Assistant Dean of the Foreign language Faculty, China University of Mineralogy and Technologay, Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, to come and teach special area courses in Linguistics, Cultural Studies, etc. This uni is one of China's key (so-called elite) unis. I have declined that offer because my experiences at another key university (Ocean Uni in Qingdao) were not really pleasant. I am in Nepal now and do fine at my uni here. - in the course of the discussion by email, they also told me the story of this "Heiko", a German, who according to them must be a real low-life ***. The story could be made up as well, I don't really trust any Chinese telling me the truth.

I am just wondering whether anyone had ever heard of this "Heiko" and knows where he is.

Dear XX,

Thank you for your reply and telling me the full story. But please allow me to tell you the story of a German teacher. Last summer, we employed a man Named Heiko. He was so eager to come that he arrived at CUMT in July although our contract started from Sept. But the first thing he did in campus was drunk, then borrowed money. He lied to us and could not show any original certificate.Never preparing for class, he just downloaded web information and read to students. In class, he told students that all his documents were faked. The worst thing was that he harassed girls in class and invited some to live in his flat(certainly was refused), and so on. Just after one month in teaching, he told us he was not competent for German lessons and wanted to teach oral English. After we changed his class to English,he left suddenly without telling us. He even took away the laptop we lent him. I just tell you brutal facts. No emotional comment. OK?

Misunderstanding is inevitable in intercultural communication. If you feel my letter to you last year was rude, I apologize for that. But please tell your friends, take their words back. Chinese are not perfect but we never do anything wrong to the world as German did. Your reputation is not as good as you imagine.


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