Work colleague issue
May 31, 2014 01:29
guestChinawork This is a really small thing but I would appreciate some advice on a new work colleague.

I have worked in a company for several years and am the senior manager and usually mentor new teachers. The school recruited several new teachers and there is one in particular who is acting rather odd. At first she was very pleasant, friendly, asking questions, always wanting to sit next to me etc.. but a few days ago she started giving me attitude such as ignoring me, changed desks and her tone of voice has changed.
The only thing I can think of is this week I have been spending time with other teachers in another department regarding work issues, a few teachers who I regard as friends get very excited when I help them out and end up hugging me or shout 'I love you' in excitement and usually done in a childish way. I have a great relationship with most of my colleagues and it has taken me years to get to this stage.

I am baffled why the new teacher has changed her tune, she knows I have been at the company for years and have friends and we have a laugh together.

So I want to know what is her problem and how do I deal with it. I am in charge of her and don’t want to be awful or anything. I do not appreciate her attitude and would rather her be direct but I am afraid of cultural differences or how Chinese females think here because I am quite direct if something is bothering me I will tell you but I am not sure how to approach her in case it goes terribly wrong or she goes mental.

Has anyone else dealt with this kind of thing and any advice?
May 31, 2014 19:02
Why don't you just ask her what is her problem? If you are her senior then don't take this kind of attitude and pull her to one side and have a word.
May 31, 2014 21:02
GUESTALVIN Maybe she likes you. So she is jealous when you chat with other girls.
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