I need some advice about Chinesese Girl I met online
Feb 26, 2015 15:22
Ok so I met this girl through a smartphone app... she added me in KakaoTalk ... she is Chinese 21 years old Im 25 years old from Chile... the story is: one day (end of 2015) I see this girl on my app and started talking again after several months... at the first she didnt remember who I was... but after sending her pictures of me she did... the thing is that we both like Korean culture... I told her my native language is Spanish and tells me she need help with pronuntiation cuz she cant say "rrrr" (funny thing). So I just voice-call her in the moment through the app, so she answers my call and I hear her voice, and we start talking. we spent like 2 hours talking. well the thing is we know each other more now, the few times we voice-talk (like 6 times 2-3 hours) she laughs a lot, so I like that of her. Im kind of funny guy ;) .

ok so to make the story short... Actually she never speaks to me, I have to start conversations actually, and I dont know if she likes me Ç( she told me once that in Chinese culture boys talk to girls XD), It is hard to her to express her feelings I think, so Im trying to figure out if she likes me or not, so I dont know If I have to ask her directly?... what will be her reaction? Maybe she only wants friendship? I might travel to China second half of this year 2015 after my graduation so I will meet her. But I dont know If I wait Until I arrive China... or just tell her now my feelings.

Your comments will be much appreciated.

Mar 2, 2015 21:08
GUEST344456 Well, I think it's difficult to figure out how she thinks since you both have just talked to each other not too long. If you are always the one who start the conversation, I think she may not have the intention to build a relationship with you. You may still talk for a while and then tell her your feelings.
Apr 22, 2015 01:21
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Rule of thumb: once she starts talking she'll never stop!

It is too soon for you to have feelings worth sharing.
Just allow your deeds to speak for you.
If you lose her because you did not share your feelings, you never really had her to begin with.
May 9, 2015 02:55
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I am Chinese and I am telling you. She absolutely do not have a feeling for you. The reason she was talking to you probably is that she wanted to practice Spoken English and it was something new to her. When she's getting tired of it, she just disappeared.
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