Chinese water monkey or ghost monkey
Apr 10, 2015 00:25
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I can't believe I am having this discussion with my Chinese wife. She has been shown a picture of a Chinese water money or ghost monkey in a cage. It looks like the little hairless troll from the Lord of the Rings movie. It looks dam real, but so did the troll in the movie. I told her it is impossible and can't be real but she professes that they are rarely seen and might kill themselves if caught and rot quickly. Has anyone any information on this animal or should I be getting my wife an appointment with a psychologist?
Apr 10, 2015 22:12
GUEST78987 Hey, so far there has been no evidence that shows there is such a creature. It is a legendary animal. I have seen the picture that your wife showed to you. It looks really scary.

You know, Chinese parents especially those who live in thr rural areas always warn their kids that they shouldn't swim in the river or reservior because there are water monkeys or ghost monkeys. It says that no one sees it because those who saw them were all killed.

Some legends claim that this creature comes into being because of the ghosts who were wrongly accused. They need to kill others to let themselves in peace. If you believe in ghosts, then you might believe its existence.

And it is said that such creature exists in Japan.
May 30, 2015 23:31
GUEST12447 Tell your wife not to be silly. Like religion, ghosts and spirits were the way humans attributed things they did not understand. We know better now.My wife is Chinese too, and she has got over those superstitions.
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