Z Visa and Criminal Record Check - Please Read
May 1, 2015 11:29
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Hello all,

I have spent hours thumbing through all of the posts on this website as well as other websites. I am trying to get an answer from someone that has filed for a Z visa SINCE the end of 2013 (this is when the new rules were put into place).

I am a US citizen who plans on moving to China the end of this year to teach. Before graduating from NC State University in 2011 I was convicted of 2 DWI offenses and 1 felony possession charge. All convictions occurred in 2011 and were a result of a drug addiction that I suffered during college. I have been clean almost 4 years now and have absolutely no desire to go back!

I do have a 4 year degree as well as a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and I meet all of the necessary requirements. I am wondering if anyone has applied for a Z visa and declared the felony on their application and still received their Z Visa. I am also wondering if anyone with a felony has declared "NO" for their criminal record and were still issued a Z Visa (since end of 2013). I know people with misdemeanors have successfully done so but have not heard of someone with a felony trying to do so.

Please do not write back saying that China doesn't check records or China checks your records when you get to immigration at the airport or anything ludicrous like that because claims like this are simply not true. Again, the rules have changed drastically since 2013.

Please do not judge me for having a felony either. That does not make someone a bad person. I have letters of recommendation from all my probation officers and prior employers and maintained a very high GPA despite being hooked on drugs.

I will be grateful for any input you guys have....I listed the 2 paragraphs above only because on other websites I was either attacked for being a felon as if I was a bad person or I received senseless information from people that did not know what they were talking about.

Thank you all!
May 2, 2015 11:56
GUEST67169 Hi, Think you will find it very hard to get a visa, just on the drugs charge, China looks very badly on people who have been involved in anyway with drugs, and also have criminal record of drugs against them, this will also have to be declared when making your application for a visa, as if they find out after, the consequences will be dire to say the least, my advice to you would be to contact the consulate in China ( preferably for your country of origin ) and request advice from them, but i wouldn't hold your breath on getting a quick reply, sorry my friend, but they are very strict rules. good luck with it .
May 3, 2015 18:14
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Thank you for your response. Yes I plan to go to the embassy in person since I have called the embassy for 2 months now and never had a call returned or even someone answer the phone! If I were to use a record from another county it would say I had no criminal record....what do you mean the consequences would be dire? They do not do background checks at the airports (except if you are on Interpol's blacklist you will show up)....from what I have read it seems the only thing I risk is possible deportation...and that's only if they decided to randomly come to my school and run background checks on the teachers. There would be no punishment criminally and the United States shares criminal records with 1 country in the whole world and that is Canada. With that being said...criminal records can be obtained online for free but is only accessible if you really know how to navigate the system which I can assure you nobody in China knows how to do. They can choose to obtain a report on someone but it is not cheap so they only do it when they think they need to or random selection. Any input on that? Thanks!
May 11, 2015 01:07
GUEST15219 You'd better apply for a police clearance certificate from the local police station first.
If it is clearly stated on the certificate that there is a criminal record, I am afraid you cannot apply for a China work visa.

The police clearance certificate is required by the Chinese Labor Bureau, who issue China employment license and in turn Alien Employment Permit.
You cannot get clear answers from the Chinese embassy, I think.
Jun 18, 2015 23:26
GUEST27184 Dude just say no on the application when it asks if you have a criminal record...they wont ever check this..use your head ..i had a felony when i went tochina and taught English with a fake ba degree for 5 years for it..
Nov 16, 2017 02:34
Jan 29, 2018 23:04
GUESTGUEST123 I worked for the US State Dept. I traveled all over and some of the visa applications were intense. Going to Russia they went into deep detail with questions. Questions they could never possible know, right?

They cannot access US Law enforcement databases or intelligence databases. But they CAN use Lexis-Nexis and other search engines. I asked my boss just what WILL Russia now about me? So he ran a LN search on me.

Fifteen years earlier I got a girlfriend a credit card with her name on my account. I cancelled it 2 months later when we broke up. THAT is on the search, along with EVERYTHING about HER to this date. My ex is there. My cars. Everywhere I ever lived. LOTS of details.

Will they know about criminal stuff? Not from databases but tell you what. Sign up for MyLife or Lexis-Nexis or any other search out there. Heck go to mugshots dot com and see if you are there.

There is plenty out there already.

Now, coming to America and lie and we catch you? You are PNG for, oh, maybe 3 or 5 years. China may have a similar policy but I don''t want to find out the hard way.

Jan 30, 2018 23:35
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i am a filipina and i intend to work in your country i am 32 years old i would like to inquire how can i get a working visa in your country. i want to work there because i know there are lot of oppurtunities in your country. iwant to give my family a better life.can you help me?how and what are the requirements in applying working visa...thanks you.
Apr 8, 2018 11:02
GUEST61746 I too have a very minor criminal record from the UK. I was admonished by the judge let off with a verbal warning not to do it again. I am submitting all my paperwork later this month, so I will post if my application for a Z visa was successful or turned away. It seems a shame that even the most minor criminal record means you can never work in China.
Apr 9, 2018 05:42
GUEST61746 I have a small criminal record charge, writing anti-Islam emails to a person. This shows on my criminal record, I am going to ask the people in the consulate visa office what to do about this. I was thinking when I send my paperwork to Beijing to be processed, I would attach an explanation to it, saying what happened, saying the judge admonished me in court (basically just gave me a warning, not do it again) and this happened because of Islamic terrorism in the UK. I hope the people in Beijing who process my work permit will be lenient about this criminal record. I will let you know what happens.
Apr 18, 2018 07:55
GUEST84320 As of now, 2018, you CANNOT get a Chinese Work Visa unless you submit an authenticated criminal background check. So, in 2018, the answer is that you will not likely be allowed to get the visa if you have a record!! You can't just say "no" on the app anymore.
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