Cantonese word that sounds like NI**ER
Feb 19, 2016 10:41
guest27316 I live in an apartment building and I have neighbor who plays video games all day. He is constantly yelling at all hours of the day, sometimes in English and other times in his language. He is of Asian descent. One word that he yells out quite frequently is the the NI**ER. I have done lots of research and noticed there is a word in Cantonese that sounds like NIGGA, but when he yells this word, there is an ER at the end and he is clearly yelling NI**ER not NIGGA. I have complained to the landlord a couple times and when the landlord talked to him he just says he's saying something in his language??? I don't know any other language that has a word that sounds exactly like NI**ER. He often exaggerates the end of the word with a long ERRRRR. He doesn't use it in a sentence like how some have described that Cantonese NIGGA like um, he only uses it alone and yells it so loud it wakes me up sometimes. Can someone please enlighten me.
Jun 23, 2016 01:11
GUEST01867 Hi.
As a Cantonese native speaker,I can sure that there is no word pronounce like this.I think he was just making some wired noise because he was too excited or frustrated.
Oct 20, 2016 02:17
GUEST23027 The word in Cantonese sounds like N-word are 呢架(Niga3),呢家(Niga1),and 呢個(Nigo)。
They means This(vehicle), Now, and This(stuff).
It might sounds insulting but far from it.
The black people insulting word in Cantonese is Hakgwai(黑鬼),literally Black Dev*l.
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