Cruise ship departure Shanghai visa 144H
Jan 9, 2017 04:11
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I am French.
I want take a cruise ship in Shanghai the 10 may. (it's 2 consecutive cruises of 5 days)

My plane is the 8 may from Basel (1 stop in Frankfurt). Return is the 20 may by plane (1 stop in Frankfurt).

The stop of the cruise ship are:
Shanghai / Hiroshima / Kochi / Shanghai / Nagasaki / Busan / Jeju Island / Shanghai

I want use the 144hrs free transit visa. Can I?
I would like to be sure that I can embark in Basel without visa?

Thank you very much for your answers
Jan 9, 2017 19:37
GUEST40882 So you will take a flight from Basel to Shanghai with one stopover in Frankfurt? Then you will take the cruise from Shanghai to Hiroshima? If yes, this time, you will be eligible for hte 144 hrs free transit. For your second entry to Shanghai, you need to prepare a visa because you enter from Japan and will leave for Japan. The last entry to Shanghai is from Jeju Island and then you take the plane to Basel via Frankfurt, you qualify for the 144 hours free transit again.

All in all, you need to buy a single entry visa for Shanghai.
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Jan 10, 2017 07:42
GUEST49119 Thank you guest40882 !

Yes my airplane is Basel-Shangai with one stop in Frankfort.

I would like stay one night in shangai and go to the cruiseship after. Yes the first stop of the boat is Hiroshima.

For the second entry the maritime company say me it's not necessary because i am in transit less 24h. Is necessary because i leave and i go in the same country (japan) ?

Do you think if I don't want buy a visa (I can stay on a cruiseship) the airline company say me : "You don't embark because you don't have visa" ???

Thank you for your answer !

Jan 10, 2017 19:12
GUEST40882 For the second entry, your route is not a transit route, so you don't qualify for the 144hrs free transit. However, if you don't leave the ship, it's possible you don't need the visa. Since the maritime company says no, I think you can follow their advice.

The airline should not deny you to board onto the plane if you can show your passport and the ship itnerary. To play safe, you can confirm this with the airline.
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