Rockies English China
May 19, 2017 04:30
guest14043 Rockies English school in China does not abide by the contract. Beware!

I was hired by Rockies English in early 2017. They were very forthcoming during the interview process. However, as soon as I arrived in Dalian, China, I was left deserted, alone and abandoned, having to figure out everything on my own. The lack of assistance was disgustingly terrible. It's very difficult to get anything accomplished in a country where you do not know the language. They will provide you with an "assistant" who is more of a boss to you than anything else. He/she will stress and overwhelm you more than they will help.

They will not pay you properly, or on time, they will neglect any contract agreement they had with you. They will not provide Chinese lessons regardless of the contract agreement. In addition, they will not and do not provide adequate living conditions, expecting you to live in a filthy/dirty apartment with a lack of overall security. Lastly, they do not reimburse for any teaching materials/resources you paid for on your own to better your teaching methods. If you complain, they will either ignore you or try to find a way to fire you from your job iespecially if you go to the Vice President or CEO with your complaints.

They treat foreigners more as a threat than an employee/teacher. The lack of respect and overall dignity at this company is unprofessional and inhumane at best. They will take full advantage of you being out of your country. The working hours are completely ridiculous. Most of the time, they expect you to work like robots. By far, one of the worst experiences in my life. They held my passport as collateral so that I pay them for the hotel/visa expenses they incurred during my stay there. I couldn't leave the country without having to pay them 1500 RMB. I am considering taking the, to court for breach of contract and holding my passport as collateral.

Do not expect Rockies English to abide by any contract agreement. It is more of a formality for them and will try to use it against you, if anything. I would recommend all foreigners to stay away from this company. You've been warned.

Good Luck!
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