What is your biggest problem in your visit to China?
Jun 29, 2017 04:36
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What is the main obstacle hanging your travel plan, or what makes the biggest problem during your visit to China?

I recently met with a guy who came from the US and he complained a lot about Chinese visa application. “I spent 140 dollars for it. Too expensive! And the requirements are strict. I wish China will loose its visa policy and make e-visa and VOA possible.”

For him, of course, the biggest problem is visa. What about others? Will language be a barrier? In most big cities, foreign tourists don’t need to worry about it as English signs are widely used. In small cities and relatively closed rural areas, it may be a problem.

From my experience, Internet and wifi can be easily accessed, even in small cities, but foreigners cannot use Facebook and Youtube, and that’s the main cause for denunciation.

Pollution is also becoming a big concern, but during my days in China, I think many worry too much about it. Except winter, the air quality is good in most areas.

Foods are quite delicious, so not a problem for me.

Dear travelers, what about you? Let’s share experience and problems in China visit to help more people.
Jul 4, 2017 04:10
GUEST17768 Why to complain about language.

If somebody comes to your country - the visitors ask you to learn their language?

People should start to become less ignorant in China.

Some people come here and behave like the kings and bosses with their noses up to the sky. They do the same in their homes or to their bosses in their home country? No! They would get a lot of trouble.

Chinese is an easy language to learn and already with little knowledge it is easy to survive. And also you can always ask some English speaking chines to help you.
Jul 18, 2017 05:54
GUEST63094 I'm an American teenage girl in China. In my perspective none of the problems listed on here are my major problems I'm faced with here (I have no problems with Visa, not much of a problem with Mandarin Chinese, the food is great, the internet is alright aside from the fact I need to use VPN but hey at least I'm allowed to use VPN here I'm fine with that, though speaking of which I read news that in February 2018 China's government is going to ban all VPNs - I'm hoping that those are false news or that the government will only ban unauthorized VPNs, still permitting us to use authorized VPNs. ANYWAY the problem I feel I'm faced with here in China is the lack of opportunities to meet new people as well as make new friends. Especially as a 15 year old (I'm turning 16 in fall) international student. There aren't a lot of teenage/adolescent websites for us here in China so I feel harder to connect or even find another person in China who has had similar experiences
Jul 31, 2017 06:48
GUEST82302 Pure Veg Food
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