how to learn chinese?
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how to learn chinese

1、The first time , every chinese reaches chinese ,is they hearing daddy or mummy calls their names.Their Chinese Names. So , Take a Chinese name first!

2、Despite of any language , using is the most effective way of learning.Don't eager to speak first.No input is No output.Hearing and feeling is the very primary and most valuable skill of learning a language!Choose several your most interest topics or some interactive interesting teaching video to kick off!

3、Don't be embarrassed when your new language comes out from your brain , take it easy to accept it emerge to your life.Can't say it wont bring you a new life!Who knows?

4、Keep your feeling of speaking ,even if you only to watching video online.Talk when you want to speak , don't force yourself keep silent.

5、Travel around and speak to chinese , enjoy your new language engagement.






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More tips :
1. Sing Chinese songs: Many people have a natural ability to hear tones in songs that are difficult to hear when spoken. When you practice singing in Chinese you’ll learn the language more quickly, because you will become more accustomed to using Mandarin tones in the songs. After you’ve learned to sing a few Chinese songs, you’ll find that you are able to speak Chinese better.

2. Read aloud and look at the Pinyin to help you pronounce the words. Underline or highlight the words or phrases that you have difficulty reading. Practice as many times as it takes until you are able to read aloud without any guides.
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Another tip:
Find yourself a Chinese girlfriend or boyfriend.
or just a friend
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