The Chinese's names past 60 years
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The Chinese's names past 60 years
#1Age before 1949 ( PRC found )
Quite Elegant
Most ofen names are,英(hero)、秀(beautiful)、玉(jade)、珍(treasure)、华(glory)、兰(orchid)、桂(Osmanthus)、淑(kind and gentle)、文(civil)、明(bright)
#2Age from 1949 to 1966 (Korean War & Construction)
Nation First
Most ofen names are,建华(build china)、建国(build country)、建平(build peace)、建军(build army)、爱华(love china)、国华(country wealthy)、国英(country hero)、建民(build people)、志强(ambition strong)、建英(build hero)、新民(new people)、新华(new china)、国强(country strong)
抗美(resist USA) 援朝(assist North Korea) 保国(guard the country) 跃进(jump forward) 超美(beyond USA)
#3Age from 1966 to 1976 ( Culture Revolution )
Hot Characters , 文(cultrue)、红(red)、梅(plum blossom)、军(army)、东(east,second character of name of Chairman Mao)、立(establish)、斌(culture and force)、卫(defend)、兵(soldier)
Hot Names , 卫东(defend Chairman Mao)、卫红(defend red)、向东(head to Chairman Mao)、红卫(red defence)、文革(culture revolution)、卫兵(defence soldier)、东兵(Chairman Mao soldier)、要武(want force)、爱武(love force)
#4Age from 1976 to 1982
tranquil & elegant
彬(balance of robust and elegant)、婷(elegant)、磊(solid and aboveboard)、搏(fight)、昕(morning)、妍(beautiful)、璐(beautiful jade)、萌(budding)、曦(sunlight in the morning)、薇(Wild Rose)、妮(girl)、莹(cystal clean and flashing)、蕾(blossom)、娜(soft and gentle)
spectacular & wide
伟(great)、海(ocean)、波(wave)、涛(big waves)、毅(inflexible will)、飞(fly)、宇(universe)、锋(the point of the knife)、巍(towering)
hip Names , 梓萱(Chinese catalpa, day-lily)、梓涵(Chinese catalpa,embrace)、子轩(single, cottage)
Reflection of Eduction level of Age
Generally speaking , single character is easy to be same to the others, hard to push characteristic forward, but easy to naming.Double characters is reverse.Statistics results display, people born before government foundation of 1949 naming one character just occupy 6.502%.17 years before Culture Revolution,naming one character occupy 8.983%.
Dramatically,naming single character name ratio leap to 27.810%.
After ending of Culture Revolution 1976 to 1982,this ratio is up to 32.494%.
Children's name actually restricted by parents' education level. In other words,the children born between 1966 and 1982,their single character name ratio boost,is hugely related to their parents' education level(both contains not enough Culture Education and lack of characteristic seeking).
The group born in the late 90s last century, single character ratio decreases in large volumn.
Today, absolutly, double characters name has become the only choose to namingby large majority of new parents.
It definitely is a result of characteristic seeking,also is one of age progress.

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