Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival : Moon Cake,Traditions and Legends
Oct 9, 2017 03:24
Chinese mid-autumn festival (中秋节, Zhōngqiū jié) is the second biggest festival a the Chinese New Year, and it's coming soon on October 4th! So how do Chinese people celebrate this important national festival? I'll give you a hint, it's a festival of moon and family! And do you know that Chinese people believe that in the moon there lives a beautiful Goddess of Moon, a Jade Rabbit that make immortality medicine, and a strong man chopping the tree non-stop on the moon? There are plenty of legends about Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival! In China and the surrounding regions, people get a day off for the festival if it falls on weekdays. Other countries have different ways of celebrating that that may not grant a festival day. There are many legends behind the Mid-Autumn festival but the most popular one is surrounded by romance, sacrifice, and honor. Check it out about these interesting legends and how different ways in Asian countries celebrate this mid-autumn festival! If you are in Chinese-speaking country right now, you should read this article and blend in the celebration with the locals!
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