Western Language Training School UK is a fake
Oct 31, 2017 07:15
guest13118 One of my Brazil friend who owns a hotel in a small city nearby Sao Paulo received an email from this so called WLTSCHOOLUK, saying that they have a tour study program and would like to do the program in Brazil. They plans to send the first group in early 2018 (now is already Oct 2017). After a few emails exchanges, they invite my friend to go to Zhuhai, China to sign the contract. But as they never come to Brazil to check the facilities, the program contents and so on. They even send my friend an invitation letter, but only some typed words in a word file, not company title, not government approval certificate. I am pretty sure this is a new fake case, they just build up the story determining my friends business.

The company name is Western Language Training School UK.
contact:|jessica, Miss Kaey (|kaey)
Other names is Huang Mei biao, this Huang's name has been appeared in some other fake cases related to electronic trading, chemical trading, etc. The story line always invite you to come to China to sign the contract and then bring you to an extremely expensive lunch, ask for gifts to the CEO, ask for the contract notification fee.
This so called WLT School was newly registered in UK in Jun 2017, but not capital or financial information.

below is the email received from them:

Dear General manager,At the beginning of 2018 , To encourage our company advanced empolyee we are planning sent two group of staff to your country for tourist First of all, please allow me to introduce our company, We are a large-scale enterprises from British. I am currently working in HongKong、macau & Zhuhai,Shenzhen Guangdong province,China.To reward our employees and customers, we are plan to hold a sightseeing trips in your country. The first batch of the travelers are 99, they will departure before 1th Feb, 2018 to 16 th Feb 2018. Their age are between 21-48. The trip should be included: monuments, historic city, museums, customs, and cultural exchanges, animals, aquariums, temples and so on. The second group will be 120 members who will reach your side in the airport 1 Mar 2018 to 16 Mar 2018. (The second batch of 86)Could you please arrange tourist buses to the airport for us and transfer them to hotel securely. we need English-speaking guides, 5 or 3 star hotel which can provide enough double room, breakfast and dinner for us. If you can meet our needs, or arrange these for us, Please send the quotation of each person to me as soon as possible in order to confirm our cooperation relationship.Best RegardsMiss kaey (assistant of CEO)Mob:0086-131 0682|kaey
Mar 27, 2018 03:29
GUEST81442 Hello ,

We also testify to the scam performed for school language, they make us come and pay for things but there is nothing concrete. they ask us to pay notarial fees, but in reality there is nothing.

I would like to know how many people they did this.

Best regards
Mar 28, 2018 17:09
GUEST24923 i fell said to hear that. Hope you didn't lose much. I believe their model is like search all the public business contacts and try to scam online, it cost them nothing. If a person does have international trading business and travel experience, their chance of be scammed are very high. That is the reason that I posted all the information online, to let more people know. There are good peoples and bad peoples everywhere, if this can protect you from the bad part from China and give you some good impression about China, it will be my pleasure.
Mar 30, 2018 02:36

Yes, some people are uncomfortable, they do not know what the value of the work is.

Also do you pay notarial fees to people?

Have you been able to recover what you have paid to these people?

We would like to exchange the top is this possible?
Mar 30, 2018 06:32
GUEST24923 Hello, of course let's share lessens to others, eventually they did not go to China when I asked them try to get an invitation letter from the scam contact with the government stamps(which is standard to Brazilians) they stopped reply, in the meantime I tried to send an email to the address they put on the fake website, I got a domin does not exist message, so my friends cancelled their flight to China, but they lost some refund fee, but they didn't pay high price for the case.
Apr 12, 2019 06:55
GUEST91179 The same thing we have face, we are also go to Zhuhai for this froud person, and one more thing China also provide the visa, china embassy did not check. total china country and his peoples all are fake and make froud for hotel industries in other countries.

we are going to file a international complain also for this, we have all documents from start the email and till end.

my mail id:|reservation
Jul 22, 2020 07:58
GUEST19195 This is one of the emails i received from them, I got a visa from the Chinese embassy, booked my ticket only to find someone from Zhuhai who said this address is a residential home with no business signpost. I contact the Zhuhai Security online but received no feedback. please stay away from these scammers

Dear XXXX,

We have studied the new contract and our CEO accepted it.

Please fill in the following missing information into the new contract:
Address: ZHUHAI ADD:NO.99, the red mountain road, sports center , xiangzhou DISTRICT zhu hai 519000 P.R.CHINA
Phone: 0086-130 2577 9300|josie

You can book you flight tiket now and then send me back the detailed information of your flight.

If you need my help to book a hotel for you in ZH, please let me know in advanced.
Best Regards
Miss Josie (assistant of CEO)
Mob:0086-130 2577 9300
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