Sourcing Agent/Translator sharing trade secrets(trade fraud/dispute)
Jan 4, 2018 06:38
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Please let me introduce myself with 12 year in depth experience in international business and supply management. I hope I could be of assistance to your business not only in overcoming the language barrier but also giving free peace of mind in supply chain management.

• Set up a nation-wide supply network (270+ suppliers in different industries).
• Supervised project progress & ensured qualities and compliances.
• Performed continuous optimization on spend efficiency.

1. Source qualified suppliers based on specifications and samples (Products including Guitar, Generator, High Heel Shoe, CCTV Camera, Furniture, Injection Moulding Items and LED Stripe etc)
2. Coordinate, communicate and negotiate with suppliers on a timely manner (Quotation, Sample Follow-Up, Trial Order, Quality Test, Feedback Follow-Up)
3. Visit manufacturers and provide inspection report (Record Manufacturing Process, Raw Material Management, Quality Assurance Process), report to manager for solution and ensure the suppliers to resolve the issues.
4. Do random inspection prior to delivery, handle the requirements and complaints from customers, maintain effective communication.
5. Visit trade shows to keep track of the latest information and search for relevant suppliers.
6. Source more than 20 suppliers each year; keep optimizing the database and eliminating unqualified suppliers.

Email:|wchaneast (|wchaneast)
Skype: wchaneast / WhatsApp: 008613580478101
References are available upon request.

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I have been meeting people from different industries in China and would like to share their current situations with all of you guys:

A. LED Lighting Industry: all types of materials including packaging have gone up a lot. They don’t have enough supply for powder coating components because their suppliers didn’t pass enviromental protection inspection and have to be shut down. They have to lay out workers and work together with their competitors to share the workshop to save some costs.

B. State owned company: they have hired 30% more people than last year thanks to supporting policy from the government

C. Medecine Industry: More or less the same as last year. The requirements for enviromental proctection has become more and more strict so their suppliers are leading a hard time

D. Public Transportation in the city: The goverment keeps developing the infrastructure so they are doing pretty well.

E. Printing company: very bad: paper has gone up 3-4 times in a year so they could only keep their quotation valid for 3 days.

F. Machinery Industry: The US economy is booming so they have a lot of orders

G. Infrasture: too many projects to work on. Always have to work overtime

H. Medical Equipment: they have moved their factories twice in the last 5 years. They are planning to go IPO soon.
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Jan 24, 2018 20:47
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What is the fast and cheap way to ship goods from China to other countries?

The simple answer has two parts:

If you are shipping small quantities suitable for air transport, it is usually best to ask the supplier to quote for shipping via air courier door to door service. Suppliers in China will usually be able to get far lower rates than you could negotiate in your home country.

If you are shipping larger volume an/or weight, sea freight will usually be the cheapest. To get the best and safest deal, contact a freight forwarder, preferably near you, but certainly within your own country. Get them to quote for pick up at the supplier’s factory and delivery to your nominated address. Get the quote in writing.
Feb 6, 2018 02:09
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How much does it cost to set up a company in China?

Under Chinese law, anyone forming a WFOE typically must put up a minimum of about USD $15,000 as a registered capital requirement. What exactly does this mean? Well, first off, the $15,000 is a minimum, but many Chinese cities have their own, much higher, minimum threshold. In fact, virtually every city in which foreign investment is common has a much higher minimum capital requirement. The amount of minimum capital required is going to depend primarily on the city and the nature of the business. To a certain extent you just never know and anyone who claims to know before engaging in serious and substantive discussions with the right governmental authorities is just guessing.

But here’s the most important and least understood thing you need to know about China’s minimum capital requirements: the lowest amount possible is not necessarily what you will want. Contrary to what many believe, the minimum capital required to go into a Chinese bank to secure a China WFOE is not frozen; you can use that money to fund your operations almost right away.

And that really matters. It matters because instead of seeking the lowest minimum capital required, you should be seeking the “just right” amount of minimum capital. In other words, the disreputable entity formation companies that seek to woo you with promises of securing you an ultra-low minimum capital requirement will almost certainly do you a disservice if they actually succeed — which they might as there are some cities in China where USD $15,000 will be enough. But what can be so bad about only having to put in a small amount? Surely you can put more in later if you need to do so, right? In theory, you can, but it will no doubt cost you a lot, either in legal help in getting approval for a new registered capital amount or in taxes.
Mar 12, 2018 01:36
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What's FOB shipping?

Intending importers should know more than that bald definition. In practice, Suppliers often quote FOB when they should not. It is common for suppliers in China to quote “FOB our factory”. That is in effect Ex Works (EXW) and that can mean the buyer must arrange freight to the dock, as well as from that point on.

When accepting an order on the basis of FOB port, I recommend using the services of freight forwarders in the country of destination. Quotes should be obtained to cover all costs delivered to the buyer’s designated delivery address.

FOB means that the buyer accepts all costs and risks for the shipment once it is delivered at the FOB loading point.
May 23, 2018 01:23
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One of my Indian customer has encountered a fraud recently. It's his first time to import products from China.

He's following the regular practice: paying 30% as the deposit and 70% balance upon receiving the copy of bill of lading.

Unfortunately he was not able to locate the supplier any more after the balance is paid, then when the container arrives, it was found out there were only trash in the container and the bill of lading is fake.

Sep 20, 2019 21:59
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learing from you.


skype id hi.szandy
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