Chinese Tales
Apr 22, 2018 19:33
guest23958 Hi Everyone, I am going to post some famous Chinese idioms and tales for you to learn.
Apr 22, 2018 20:06
GUEST23958 Yu Gong Yi Shan-Yu Gong Moves a Mountain
Once upon a time, there was a very old man. There were two mountains new his house. They were so high and big that it took a long time to walk to the other side.
The old man told his family that they should all help him to move the mountains. His wife worried that he was too weak and they had no idea where to put all the earth and stone from the mountain. Yu Gong said they could put all the earth and stone from the mountain into the sea because it’s big enough to hold everything.Yu Gong and his family began to move some of the earth and stone to the sea. One day, a man saw Yu Gong and his children when they were working on moving the mountains. He told Yu Gong that he could never do it because he was old and week. As soon as the man finished talking, Yu Gong said that his family could continue to move the mountains after he died. His family would live and grow, but the mountains could not get bigger. So Yu Gong and his family kept on digging day after day and year after year. Finally, a god was so moved by Yu Gong that he sent two gods to take the mountains away.
This story reminds us that you can never know what’s possible unless you try to make it happen.

May 4, 2018 21:20
GUESTMIKE CHEN Hou Yi shoots the suns
Once upon a time, there were ten suns in the sky. people on the ground can't live because the sublight is too strong. One day, Hou Yi the young man follows the god's order, to shoot the suns down for people who are living on the earth.

But the suns were too high to shoot, so the god offers him a bow and ten arrows that can shoot very far. He came down to the earth and helped people shoot down nine suns. When he was aiming the last sun, people stopped him, they need a sun for lights and growth, Hou Yi saved the last sun for earth to help people on the earth to have light, life and growth.

the stpry reminds us, somtimes, bad things can be good, like the sun left behind. And goos things can be bad if we have too much of them, just like the another nine suns whoch were living in the sky once.
May 5, 2018 03:29
GUEST83167 Pangu created the world

Before the supreme ancestors, the world (not just the earth), was just a big black ball of chaos, with no order what so ever. Inside side this chaos there was Pan Gu. He slept in this ball for 18,000 years, and woke one day. When awoken he felt unhappy with his surrounding, so he got an ax and with all his might crack the ball open. When the ball cracked all the light (the good part of the ball) floated up, making the heavens. All the cold and dark stuff stayed below making the earth.

But the land and heavens are very closed to each other. So Pangu stand there for a long time to make them seperated. This continued to Pangu's death.

When Pan Gu died, his breath became the wind and clouds, his voice the rolling thunder. One eye became the sun and one the moon. His body and limbs turned to five big mountains and his blood formed the roaring water. His veins became far-stretching roads and his muscles fertile land. The innumerable stars in the sky came from his hair and beard, and flowers and trees from his skin and the fine hairs on his body. His marrow turned to jade and pearls. His sweat flowed like the good rain and sweet dew that nurtured all things on earth. According to some versions of the Pan Gu legend, his tears flowed to make rivers and radiance of his eyes turned into thunder and lighting. When he was happy the sun shone, but when he was angry black clouds gathered in the sky. One version of the legend has it that the fleas and lice on his body became the ancestors of mankind.
May 5, 2018 05:04
GUESTCASH J2... Taihang and royal house two mountains, seven hundred yuan round, seven thousand or eight thousand feet high, originally in the south of Jizhou, the northern part of the Yellow River.
The determination to win victory and the courage to surmount every difficulty
The determination to win victory and the courage to surmount every difficulty
Beishan, a man named Yu Gong, is nearly ninety years old and lives in the mountains. Suffering from the traffic jam in the north of the mountain, he came in and went around the road. He gathered all his family and said, "I do my best to get rid of the steep mountains and make the way to the south of Yuzhou, to the South Bank of Hanzhou, can you?" (everyone) expressed their approval. His wife asked, "by virtue of your strength, even the Kui Fu's hill can not be shovelled. What about the two mountains of Taihang and Wang Wu? And where do you put the earth and rocks? " They all said, "throw it to the side of Bohai, and hide the north side of the earth." So the three people (able) to pick up the burdens (up the mountain), dustpan and dustpan were transported to the edge of Bohai, and the neighbours were orphaned by the widows of the Beijing city. They were seven or eight years old, and they jumped and helped them. In winter and summer, it is only once again and again.
Hequ wise old man (knowing this afterwards) ridiculed and stopped Yu Gong and said, "you are too smart! With your remaining years and the rest of your strength, you can't even destroy a plant on the mountain, and what about the dirt and stones on the mountain? " Beishan, Yu Gong sighed, "you are stubborn and stubborn to the point where you can't change. You are not equal to widows or orphans. Even if I die, I have a son, son, son, son, son, son, son, grandson, son and grandson not exhausted, but the mountain will not increase the height, why worry about unequal digging? " The Hequ wise old man has no words to answer.
The mountain god with a snake in his hand heard about this incident, for fear that he would keep on working and report to the emperor of heaven. The emperor was moved by his sincerity. He ordered the two sons of Hercules to carry two mountains, one placed in Shuo Dong and one in Yongnan. From then on, there was no mountain barrier in the southern part of Jizhou to the South Bank of Hanshui River.
May 5, 2018 08:17
GUEST21068 Jing Wei reclamation
Once upon a time, there was a little girl who named Nvwa. She is the daughter of Yan Di Shen Nong. One day she went to the East China Sea to play and drowned in the water. But she still felled unequal. So she became a bird after she died. She had white mouth, colorful feather and red paws. She hated the sea a lot, so she brined stones and plants from the mountains into the East China Sea every day. She didn’t stop although she know this work was impossible. This story remind us that we must persist in doing anything, go forward bravely and never give up. In the face of adversity, we must go forward in a difficult way. We must have confidence in ourselves and have a clear conscience. And I think it’s an interesting story, because Chinese people know reincarnation in ancient times and believe it many thousand years. I think many it’s really true. Hope you like this story.
May 5, 2018 08:28
GUESTKELLY Once upon a time the heaven and earth were merged. There was a god called Pan Gu, living inside it. At that time, the whole world was like a huge egg. Pan Gu felt bad so he exert himself with hands prop up the heaven and with his feet step on the earth. Heaven became higher every day and the earth grows thick every day. From day to day, Pan Gu created the heaven and the earth. But he was so tired,finally he lay down on the ground and died. As soon as he died, his eyes became the sun and moon, his blood became rivers and oceans, and his other part of his body became trees and flowers. So since then, the world's appeared. The story reminds us that Pan Gu sacrifice himself to create the world, how great is he! We won't live in the world unless he created it! His selfless dedication, at the expense of his spirit moved us.So this Chinese myth has been spread to the present.
May 5, 2018 08:35
GUESTKARNA Nine-coloured Deer
Once upon a time, there was a deer with nine colours on its body lived in a forest. It lived safely because no one knew it and no one had seen it before.
One day, a hunter came into the forest to look for food. The deer was walking in the forest. It didn't know that there was a man. As soon as the hunter saw the deer, the deer started to run. The hunter followed it. He had never saw such a unique deer with nine colours. He thought It might will be sold with a good prise. So, he killed the deer with arrows. As soon as the deer felt the death, it looked at the hunter and the colour on its body disappeared. It turned to a normal deer. The hunter realized that unless he was not avaricious, the precious will never exist on the world. He was so ashamed and uneasy, that he buried it carefully and gave up his huntering job.
The story reminds us that we shouldn't be avaricious. We should protect the beauties, but not destroy them.
May 6, 2018 00:06
GUEST20379 Shennong tastes a hundred of herbal medicine
Many years ago in China, there was a person called Shennong who changed Chinese people’ s life. He taught people how to cultivate and how to survive. The most important thing he did is that he tasted a lot of herbal medicine for sick people.
At first, people didn’t even have medicine to save themself from sicknesses, so when people were sick, they will probably die. Shennong is a person who like to help people, then he had an idea: taste all the herbal medicine in the world.
Once he was in the mountain to pick more herbal medicine, he found a green plant. The green plant was really magical, when he ate the green leaves of the green plant, he feel really relax and comfortable. In fact, it is a plant that can solve any sickness. In the mountain, he found a village. In the village, there was a man who are almost died from sickness. Shennong wanted to find the plant he just found, unfortunately, the only plant was growing on the cliff, and it’s really dangerous to pick it. Shennong didn’t think for himself, he soon made a stepladder and got that plant. After are the herbal medicine, the sick man recuperating his health. Also people give the stepladder a special name“Shennong Jia”.
Shennong had two bag of herbal medicine. One is good for our health, the other one is bad for our health. Every medicine were taste by himself. Every time he ate some bad plant, he will took the green plant to solve the problem. But once, he ate a poisonous herbal medicine, he didn’t have time the eat antidote, so he died.
Everyone in China knows Shennong, and called him“The first person of medicine”.
May 6, 2018 00:52
GUEST95214 The race between turtle and rabbit
Once upon a time, there was a dispute between the turtle and the rabbit: they all think that they're running faster than the other. So they decided to hold a match to distinguish the victory and defeat.
All the animals came to watch. The race began when they got ready. Rabbit ran much more faster than turtle. Rabbit thought that turtle can’t win unless miracles happen, so he decided to take a nap. But turtle didn’t give up, he kept running.
Two birds woke up rabbit, as soon as the rabbit saw that turtle is almost arrived destination when he got up, he regrets very much. ‘Oh no, I sleep too long!’ Said rabbit. The rabbit got up and ran as fast as he could, but it was too late. Turtle won the match! The rabbit is so proud that he loses.
The story reminds us that don’t despise others, and don’t give up for any thing, maybe you’ll win, nothing is impossible.

May 6, 2018 02:39
GUESTKEVIN CHEN Hua Bing Chong JI - Feed on illusions
Once upon a time, there were two people become sworn brother.
One day, the younger brother went on a long journey, so he went to older brother’s house to say good bye. Before he arrived the house, he use kaoliang stalk and fine rice to make a chicken for gift. When he arrived house, only his eldest brother's wife in house.
He gave his eldest brother's wife the chicken and his eldest brother's wife invited him have a dinner, but later his eldest brother's wife use a writing brush to drew a flapjack. The younger brother pretended to eat whole flapjack and gone.
This story reminds us that you shouldn’t comfort yourself with fantasies.
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