Is this some kind of scam?
Jun 22, 2018 04:59
guest15194 A European wants to hire a sourcing agent in China, but uses a Malaysian Human resource consultant and sets the interview in Hongkong. so strange! What made I believed the Malaysian guy was because he said he would come to Shanghai to meet the candidates, but at the end he didn't show up.

The guy who called himself Ridwan contacted me on the phone and after a talk, he invited me to have the interview with his client in Hongkong for the sourcing agent opportunity. The guy said he was from Malaysia, and called me via a Malaysian phone number. He emphasized to me that his client was from Europe. And here below is his first email to me, it's from a personal email address and without any company information added.

> Dear xx,
> Ridwan here. We talked earlier on the phone.
> My client requires a sourcing agent to lead all sourcing activities in China. It just bad timing we could not meet in Shanghai. I will be there on Fri and Sat. I have a free slot Friday id you are interested.
> You have good English and much experience. Let me have your CV and portfolio for you to be considered for meeting in HK. Of course we will pay for all your expenses.
> Let us keep in touch via email. Its a good chance we can meet in HK maybe end June or early July.
> Yours sincerely
> Mohamad Ridwan

It was just a couple of days before the Dragon boat Festival, and I already booked my tickets back hometown, but I considered it might be a good opportunity and also suspicious about the process. I decided to postpone my trip back hometown and met with Ridwan in Shanghai first. He suggested to meet in a hotel restaurant during dinner time Friday before the Dragon boat Festival, as he already scheduled other meetings and only had dinner time available, everything was confirmed, but he didn't show up for the meeting. I called him but only with voice message answer, also no reply to my messages and emails. I wondered if he really came to Shanghai for the meetings as what he said. If he just changed his plan and not going to meet me, it's ok just send me a message letting me know, but until now, there is no explanation. I really feel it's some kind of scam. I just can't imagine what will happen if I go to Hongkong for the interview.

Anyone on this forum also got contacted by him? I guess he might find my contact from this site as I made some postings about my sourcing agent services here before.
Jul 2, 2018 17:34
GUEST19888 Every time he called you is different number ,right ?Be careful .

He will pay you the round tickets for the interview ,
after one week, he will call you, you was the one he picked.
and ask you go to HK again ,
and he will pay you the round tickets and hotels of course .
but this time he will give you some work ,just search some thing on the internet ,
I just want to said , that is my experience, he was you to be a spy , get the information from China, China Government , it is lead you step by step .
Be careful .
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