Please give the feedback and I need help with some questions
Aug 29, 2018 21:10
guestTHONG NGO Dear all members of this platform/forum,

I’m a newbie to this platform/forum. And I would like to ask you guys something.
Well, I will be honest, brief and open to share because I need information. However, I don’t understand much about content policy, rules here. If you feel I'm spamming you, then…I don’t know how to reply to it…

Okay, I will jump right into the point for saving time to all you guys.Here is my big question that I need your help:

How did you do for expanding to China, and more specifically how to live legally in Changsha city, Hunan province, China?

By breaking it down into smaller questions: (so far I just have those questions -.- )
• Can you share what did you do for live legally in Changsha? (paper works and more) What VPN are you using? What kind of scholarship that you earn if you are an international student?
• Can you share when you actually do the action “moving”? When you have that idea?
• Can you share who are you? (I totally understand that you are not comfortable to share your personal information in the online world. However, at least, I would have something to communicate with you?) Who helped you to make it happen?
• Can you share the reasons why you expand into China?
• Can you share where is your current resident in China? Where other websites/forum/platform/community that I can reach for more information?

Before I enter this platform/forum/community, I did research a little by myself. Let’s me introduce a little bit about myself and my current situation.
• My name is Thong Ngo. I was born and raised in a small country named Viet Nam. My family has 4 members in total, and I’m the oldest child.
• My birthday month is August-> It means as you guys read this post, I legal turns 25 years old with the Western calendar.
• In 2009, I lost the interest in some stuff in my home country, so I abandoned that behind.
• It means I discovered South Korean in 2009 -> I fell in love with South Korean Hallyu wave. The first thing attractive was the music video “Gee” of SNSD/ Girls Generation. -> after that, I expanded my interest in South Korean culture, languages, movies and much more things. I had been watching the KBS world channel from 2009 into 2014. Until now, I still love South Korean. ( I did see and hear some negatives, and the dark sides -> not big ideal)
• My mom forced me to study the French language since I was a child, maybe about 5 years old, I don’t remember clearly. Since that, I had been studied the French language besides my first language, which is Vietnam

I find that the only way for me to legal stay in Changsha is being an international student. I hear A person obtains the International student, or the student visa X1 and X2 CAN NOT WORK IN CHINA -> then how that student makes a living?

Which public University, College in Changsha city offers the teaching Hanyu program? like Mark – Facebook CEO does there. What are the requirements to apply to similar school?

Thank you for reading!
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