6 Chinese "Ghost Words" You Must Know!
Sep 3, 2019 00:01
guest46252 First of all, don’t be scared, this is not a scary article, instead,it might be a very funny one, so stay with me okay? This post will share some phrases with Chinese word [鬼(guǐ)] -ghosts

What are ghosts [鬼(guǐ)] look like? What is in your mind when you think of this word “ghost”?

Haha…Ghost image is not what we are going to talk about today, what we are talking about is some phrases with word [鬼(guǐ)] -ghosts . It’s actually a very funny fact that there are lots of words with 鬼 in Chinese, most of them are used to call people, some of them are even the names for food.

1\ 酒 鬼 (jiǔguǐ)

literally means alcohol ghost (jiǔ=alcohol,guǐ=ghost),jiǔguǐ is someone who likes to drink alcohol, equivalent for alcoholic.


你 这 个 酒 鬼, 每 天 都 去喝酒!

Nǐ zhè gè jiǔ guǐ ,měi tiān dōu qù hē jiǔ !

You’re such an alcoholic, you drink everyday!

2\ 爱哭鬼(ài kū guǐ)

it means someone who loves to cry, you may not like it when you are called àikūguǐ, (ài=love,love to do, kū= to cry, guǐ=ghost). It’s similar to the English word “cry baby”,but àikūguǐ is not only for kids but also very often for adults who do not nothing but crying when facing some difficulties


我 小时候是个爱哭鬼。

wǒ xiǎo shí hòu shì gè ài kū guǐ

I was a “cry baby” when I was a little boy

3\ 小气鬼 (xiǎo qì guǐ)

you may not like to be called xiǎo qì guǐ either, xiǎo qì guǐ is the name for stingy, mean, or petty people in Chinese. (xiǎoqì= stingy, mean, petty, meanie)



tā shì gè xiǎo qì guǐ

He is very stingy.

4\ 吸血鬼 (xī xuè guǐ)

吸血鬼(xī xuè guǐ)(xī= to suck, xuè=blood, guǐ=ghost), this name is pretty graphics, a suck blood ghost is a vampire.



shì jiè shàng zhēn de yǒu xī xuè guǐ ma ?

Are there really vampires in this world?

5\ 鬼 脸 (guǐ liǎn)

鬼脸(guǐ liǎn) (guǐ=ghost, liǎn=face),ghost face means making face or making funny face.



tā bàn le gè guǐ liǎn

He made a face.

6\ 鬼 话 (guǐ huà)

鬼话(guǐ huà),guǐ huà literally means ghost talk, but in Chinese, guǐ huà is something that’s not true or unworthy to believe



bié xiàng xìn tā de guǐ huà

Don't believe his lies.

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