Why I want to change the location of my IP address in China.
Jan 6, 2020 05:38
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Why I want to change the location of my IP address in China.
First, let's see why you might want to change the location of your IP address to another country, or "geo-cheating".

Probably the most common reason is access to region-specific content.

For example, some of the best Netflix us shows are not available to subscribers of the streaming service in the rest of the world, while the BBC iPlayer is similarly blocked for American Internet users. A number of other content providers, such as Spotify and YouTube, also restrict the geography of certain content. And then there may be certain sporting events that you want to see that just aren't broadcast where you live.

To learn more about Netflix streaming wherever you are, check out our guide to the best Netflix VPNs. But keep in mind that this practice is directly contrary to the terms and conditions of Netflix and other streaming services.

Quite a bit, actually.

Some countries completely censor popular websites — one of the most famous examples is China's outright ban on Facebook and Twitter — which is why our best VPN guide for China is such an important read.

In other cases, you may not want search engines to register your online activity. Data obtained as a result of such tracking, advertisers can focus on what they consider to be relevant content on different platforms.

This can sometimes be useful, but it can also mean that a single Google search for protein supplements clogs your Facebook feed with funny bodybuilding commercials.

In addition, you may be the lucky owner of a shiny foil hat and be convinced that your government is spying on you. And it may well be, at least to some extent …

While we can't offer any legally binding promises, changing your location with a VPN is usually enough to cover your ass by maintaining your online anonymity and encrypting your data.
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The advantages of using VPN protocols are: maximum confidentiality for users, the inability to authenticate senders and maintaining the integrity of messages when transmitting data. This is achieved by replacing or changing your routing and other identifying information so that no one will be able to follow you and will not be able to access your device or connection.
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