general tips for foreigners in China
Mar 9, 2020 22:22
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I'm local Chinese and I've been to many other cities in China. I got cheated by somebody else when I travel not alone friends from other country speaking different languages.
Here is some general tips for you:
1. use Didi(uber China) instead of Taxi. I'm not saying that Didi driver is more reliable than taxi, but Didi keep records of you route and when you order, it gives an estimation about the price. So at least it is more easier for you to know if you are being over charged or not.
And the best way to avoid that, take metro/bus more. Google map might not available in China so download Baidu map, Amap(my prefer) or Tencent map on your phone. They all support multi language.
2. Pick the right time: the first five day in May, the first week in October(also know as the Golden Week) and the whole July and August(summer vacation in China) is peak season for tourist in China, every hot tourist spots and cities are full with crowd. avoid visit China during these time. It will save a lot of money as well as time in wait in line.
For example, after graduation I've been to Yunan with my friends and it was in June, at that time the hotel we book(a triple room with a balcony) is ¥166(25 dollars), by the time of summer vacation starts, same hotel, same room, price goes to ¥888(128 dollars). Also, avoid visit China in Lunar Spring festival, when most shop/restaurant closed and hard to bought any kinds of ticket. Those still open places may charges higher of thier services.
3. try to use Alipay or Wechat pay, both are popular payment app in China, Wechat is also a good chat tool. It saves you from money changing, and counterfeit money. You can also apply electronic metrocard/buscard on Alipay, but I'm not sure if it's able to apply with passport. Apple pay works but not very popular here.
4. don't buy anything from pedlars near tourist spot. it is expensive and of poor quality, you can find them online with much cheaper price. If you really wnat buy some, go downtowns' souvenir shop.
5. Don't engage in signature collecting/money changing/or other suspicious personal request from so called local people. Just think about this: if you need help with irrelevant/unimportant issue, will you ask help from a foreign passenger first?
6. Unless you stay in a pretty good hotel, bring your own slipper, tooth brush; at least buy one from local supermarket. For friends from EU,NA,AU, due to the exchange rate and everage salary issue, hotel in China is considerably cheaper . 100 dollar/euro (600-700yuan)should be enough for one day in a 3 or 4 star hotel in most cities of China. So if you have enough budget, don't save money on this issue. We have some popular app like meituan/feizhu to book hotel,movie,flight,takeout.
Here is some general tip , for some more detailed info, feel free to post here or if you wanna a fast reply, email me by|280585307. I will check inbox during China daytime
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