Airlines refuse to carry passengers with depression, what do you think?
Oct 19, 2020 02:27
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Recently, a female college student being refused to board a plane operated by the Spring Airlines has stirred up discussions on the internet.

On October 13, 2020, Mr. Yu and his girlfriend planned to take a flight operated by the Spring Airlines from Weihai to Nanjing. The girl, however, with depression, had taken some medicine while waiting for the flight’s departure. Then her hands started to shake involuntarily. Due to this, the airline refuse to carry the girl. At last, they two had to take a high speed train to Nanjing instead.

Here comes the question: is it appropriate for the airline to do so?

The supporters think that it’s very appropriate because the airline has to guarantee the safety of other passengers, considering the fact that recently a passenger committed suicide on a plane of Air China. No one can guess whether the person with mental diseases will take some offensive behaviors onboard or not. Some others disagree with this idea. They think this is discrimination against passengers with depression. If we say a person with shaking hands cannot board on the plane, how about those with more serious diseases?

As far as I am concerned, it is quite reasonable to do so, but the airline can be more humane to use a gentle way. For example, they can arrange a special seat for the passenger and keep close attention during the flight; or they can have a doctor to examine the passenger’s mental status and confirm whether she can take the flight or not. In this way, the passenger’s dignity is not violated.

Hey guys, what is your opinion? Please share it with me.
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