Distance from Zhengzhou to Shaolin
Aug 6, 2005 00:02
We are offered jobs in Zhengzhou and one of wishes to study Kung Fu (Gong Fu) with the Shaolin monks. We wondered what the distance is between the two and if travel is easy and cheap.

Also, more information on expats in Zhengzhou would be appreciated. We would love a support network of friends.

Aug 6, 2005 07:11
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It is about 87 km from Zhengzhou to Shaolin Temple, all freeway. There are buses between the two places, easy to catch and cheap.

There are also may schools teaching Gong Fu near Shaolin Temple, but most of them have nothing to do with the temple, I am not saying they are bad, but if you dream of learning Gong Fu from real monks and really in the Temple, I suggest you get in touch with them in advance. The enrolling fees are high.

Aug 7, 2005 19:21
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Shaolin Temple Coorperation Ltd.

Theres no real Shaolin monks there anymore, they've gone. It's now just a huge business marketed by it's world famous name.

Therefore you pay just as much for 2 days training in the Shaolin Temple (mostly power-training) as you would for a month anywhere else.

I've heard only bad reports, but still, telling people you trained at Shaolin will more than likely impress the misguided.

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