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Binhai Farm
 From Other | Jan 5, 2007 23:01
The Beauty of Tai Hu
 From Wuxi | Mar 31, 2006 22:03
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What to Bring | -General- | Jan 5, 2007 23:18
I found that besides clothes, tampons, and deodorant I could find most anything I needed while I was in China. You can get things tailor made if you want, and that is always fun. Just be aware that you may have to get the tailor to make a few changes because they aren't use to westerners body type.
Don't Buy Electronics | Beijing | Jan 5, 2007 22:56
While I was in Beijing I went to the Silk Market a few times to go shopping. A couple people I was with found "a great deal" on ipods. It said they were 4g. They looked great, and the people that were selling them even turned them on and let us try them out. Well 2 of my friends ended up buying one. When we took them back to our hostle and charged them up we found that they were a complete scam. They only held about 1 CD worth of music and also had problems charging and keeping their battery life. Steer clear of these, especially in the rip-off markets. They most definately will be rip-off.
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