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Panjiayuan Curio Market
CALIFORNIA | Beijing | 4/19/2006 9:08:21 PM

If you have interests in chinese curio,or some funny things,you can go to Panjiayuan Curio Market.

Of course,some of them wasn't real,please pay attention to it!

Liu Li Chang Street
CALIFORNIA | Beijing | 4/19/2006 9:04:45 PM

If you have interests in chinese culture,and want to buy something of them,you can go to Liulichang in Beijing.

You can buy chinese handwriting,brush pen,painting and antique.

You can go there buy subway line 2,arrive in Hepingmen station,and then to the south.

Good luck!

Silk Street
CALIFORNIA | Beijing | 4/19/2006 8:56:24 PM

For foreigners,one of the best place for Shopping place if Silk Street,you can find everything in there,traditional or modern.

It is easy to reach there,take the subway line1 or line2,get off in Jianguomen station.

Please don't forget bargain with sellers:-)

Monglian song!
CALIFORNIA | Inner Mongolia | 4/19/2006 8:54:09 PM

A very famous mongolian named "Three favonian costful things"(Maybe the translate is not right),in chinese Ji Xiang San Bao!It is about a monglian father wrote for his daughter:-)

The reasonable routes!
CALIFORNIA | Henan | 4/19/2006 8:53:12 PM

If you go to Henan from Beijing,and the route can be arranged:Beijing---Zhengzhou---Kaifeng---Dengfeng---Luoyang---BeiJing.You don't need walk repeat.
Don't speak to anybody in Zhengzhou railway station,and leave the station as soon as possible.
Kaifeng is a Song Dynasty city,and the native were guileless.
From Kaifeng to Dengfeng,you have to change bus in Zhengzhou,but it is very very easy!
Dengfeng:Shaolin Temple,I advise that you can climb the Shaoshi mountain and walk to the Temple,about 4 hours,don't go there by bus!The second day in Dengfeng,you can visit Songyang College and Taishi mountain(too terrible,about 5300 steps,like go ot the upstairs,if you have no enough physical force,don't climb it).
Luoyang:I think only Longmen Cave was worthy to visit,the city is not as my image,disappointed!

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