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Monglian song!
CALIFORNIA | Apr 19, 2006 20:54

A very famous mongolian named "Three favonian costful things"(Maybe the translate is not right),in chinese Ji Xiang San Bao!It is about a monglian father wrote for his daughter:-)

Dos and donts
HITOMIONCONCORD | Dec 13, 2004 17:03

Mongolians are hospitable. When you are invited to a ger, enjoy it but donot forget some basic dos and donts.
Drive slowly when you are near a ger. Donot scare the cattle. Enter the ger from the left. Donot have to take off your shoes in the ger.Do not go through the herds since the owner would feel offended. Receive milk tea or wine with both your hands or right hand to show your respect.
There is no toilet but you can go to the south to the ger. The east or west to the ger is where sheep pen is while the smell may be blown into the ger from the north. The ice in the north or west to the ger is for edible water. So never pollute them.

The Forest of Withered Euphrates Poplar F

Juyan Sea

Heishui Cheng

Ejina Qi Populus Euphratica Forest

Inner Mongolia, autumn 2010