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Green Tree Alliance Hotel, Zhuhai.
GUNNARF11 | Zhuhai | 11/10/2013 12:20:30 AM

I had booked rooms at the Green Tree Alliance Hotel in Zhuhai for 3 nights.
Due to some reasons , I needed to extend the stay and talked with reception. It was ok to stay longer was my idea of our diskusion with little knowledge of their languages ​​.Therefore , I was surprised when I arrived in the evening and was asked why I have not checked out. I said I already talked to the day before the reception to extend your stay and understands that it was ok. I had with me one known as the Chinese were able to explain how it was .It was ok to stay, but I had to move to a slightly smaller
but quieter room away from the more heavily trafficked street to the inside of the hotel .
Very good . Further misunderstandings due to language added when I needed to extend the stay further . But it was arranged quickly and at best way.
I had booked 3 nights but stayed 20 nights .
That's a very good score at the hotel right?
Oct - Nov. 2013

Plan visits to China
GUNNARF11 | General | 4/21/2013 3:24:17 AM

Plan visits to China. What do you of this trip? How many days will you stay? When you can answer these questions ... Double the time you intended and your stay in China will be successful and you will look forward to several upcoming trips in China.
I received an email from acquaintance who said I should explain what I mean by planning for some time and then doubling the length of stay.
It thus reduces stress. My first visit to China, I thought would be a week. It was 15 days. Next stay in China was estimated at 3-4 weeks. It was 65 days. Then supposed stay 1-2 months and it was 2 years.

Thieves and bandits on the rapid train.
GUNNARF11 | Wuhan | 9/27/2012 5:05:32 AM

My wife traveled yesterday (September 26 -12) from Wuhan to Guangzhou. Many people on the train and therefore the bags prepared at a location near the exit. At the stop in Changsha "arranged" a panic at the end of the train and bags disappeared. Among other things, my wife's bag, size large carry-on bag. This included new expensive clothes, which were gifts from relatives and friends. There were also specialty "Wuhanfisk" that she would bring to Sweden.
Leagues know the value found in bags on trains is much louder than the regular train.
They're not the poor people who go speed train. If you have a bigger bag for the trip, it is better to take flight, even if it gets longer time with the connections.

From Hong Kong Airport to Wuhan. (Shenzhen North, Guangzhou South, Changsha).
GUNNARF11 | Hong Kong | 9/20/2012 1:05:50 AM

Get down to Airport (GTC) Bus Terminus.
Take Bus A43 to Sheung Shui Railway Station, Price: 30,9 HKD. Transpottime: ~1 houer.
Take MTR East Railline to Lok Ma Chau, (Futian Port), Price: 23 HKD. (one station) time: ~15 min.
Short Walk to Checkpoint Hong Kong/China. Time for Inspection: ca 30-90 minute. Then walk to Short Walk to Futian Checkpoint. Metro 4, Longhua Line. Ticket: 4 RMB to Shenzhen North Station. 9 stations. Time: ca 20 min.
Take e.g. G1004, take you to Wuhan on 4 houer 11 minute, (1171 km) The train stops only in Guangzhou South and Changsha South. Price: 540 RMB.

Wuhan to Hong Kong
GUNNARF11 | Hong Kong | 9/19/2012 11:45:11 PM

From Wuhan to Hong Kong Airport (sept 2012)
Rapid Train G1003 from Wuhan Railway to Shenzhen North,
from Wuhan 14:00 to Shenzhen Bei 18:13. Price: 540 RMB
Go to Metro 4, Longhua Line. Ticket: 4 RMB from Shenzhen North
to Futian Checkpoint. 9 stations. Time: ca 20 min.
Short Walk to Checkpoint China/Hong Kong. Time for Inspection: ca 30-90 minute.
Walk to Lok Ma Chau (Futian Port) Hong Kong.
Ticket MTR East Railline, Lok Ma Chau to Sheung Shui, Price: 23 HKD. (one station) time: ~15 min.
Outside Sheung Shui Railway Station, take Bus A43 to Terminal 1, Hong Kong Airport. Price: 30,9 HKD
Transporttime almost 1 hour.

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