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New San Xia Museum
JABAROOTOO | Chongqing | 12/18/2011 6:14:45 AM

Recently opened the new Three Gorges museum is a must for history and culture buffs. It is a magnificent piece of modern architecture which blends readily with its surroundings. It hosts a display on the new dam and river and the relics that were either lost or moved to higher ground.
Another on the recent history of Chongqing and the War years, with yet another depicting the ancient culture of the Ba people.
There is so much to see but if you are pushed for time then these three are probably the best to take in.

Located opposite the Remnin Da Li Tang or the People's Great Hall it is easy to find and also great to visit in the evening before nine pm to watch the locals come out to dance. You may even be invited to join them.

Entrance free

Good bakeries and Coffee Shops
JABAROOTOO | Chongqing | 12/18/2011 6:09:20 AM


STARBUCKS can be found almost everywhere you look these days including Wangfujing Mall, Clock Tower corner, Nova Plaza and Hongya dong

ROSA Bakery
Attraction: French bread and cakes
Location: Opposite end of Paradise Walk Shopping Many locations around the City


Ground floor in Paradise Walk and Moi Ye Building


ROSA Bakery
Attraction: French bread, cakes
Location: Corner of Huayu Plaza on North Train Station Road

in the New Wangfujing Plaza Shopping Centre in San Xia Square

Hong Ya Dong by Night
JABAROOTOO | Chongqing | 12/18/2011 6:04:09 AM

YZ 03 Walking Tour of the Walled City

Red Cliff Cave
The latest attraction in Chongqing

Recently constructed using the style of traditional local buildings, this comprehensive entertainment complex has something for everyone. Spread over 13 levels it flows down the steep southern bank of the Jialing Jiang just beneath the Cable Car and is serviced by both elevators and escalators with parking in the basement and access from both the top and bottom levels. It now offers hotel accommodation, a Folk Culture Theatre, restaurants, cafes, bars and a night bazaar, art galleries, crafts and local food. Watch artist and silk weavers at work in their studios.
In the evenings it is quite a sight with its soft fairy lights ablaze above the waters of the river. Not to be missed especially if you’re interested in shopping but are limited for time.

Home to a Starbucks, Subway and Nenlu Teahouse

The Jialing Jiang Cable Car is across the street. This is no longer in service, soon to be replaced by a new bridge that will also carry a light rail line, one of the many that are planned to transform public transport in the city.

Di San Bu Dao
JABAROOTOO | Chongqing | 12/18/2011 5:59:32 AM

YZ 10 Walking Tour of the Walled City

Shibanpo district has since been demolished and half of this stretch of the walk is now closed for the time being.

At the bottom of Zhong Xing Lu on the right near Nan Ji Men is the entrance to the Di San Bu Dao, a collection of old pathways and a new boardwalk through the timber and bamboo pole homes that hug the cliffs above the river to Shibanpo perched above the access tunnels to the Chang Jiang Bridge. Residents here still cook over wood fires, share communal toilets and bath outside their tiny, often one or two room homes. This is a side of Chongqing that very few see, even the Chongqing locals.

In 1902 the French built a hospital, a church and a respite center some of which is currently used as an old people’s home by the local church community who still worship in the old building. During the war government officials, warlords and merchants who flocked to the city built mansions overlooking the original airfield on the island in the river.

The locals are friendly and inquisitive, as happy to answer questions, as they are to ask them. On most days you can find millions of chopsticks drying in the sun as they pass through the Quality Control workshop hidden back up a narrow stairway. The boardwalk passes by another remnant of the city wall and what is left of Jin Tang Men, most of which is long since gone and emerges on Xing Long Jie

Sadly these sites have all disappeared from this area of the city

JABAROOTOO | Chengdu | 1/16/2010 11:04:42 AM

Departs Chengdu07:44am arrives Chongqing12:23pm
Departs Chengdu16:58pm arrives Chongqing21:43pm
Departs Chongqing08:00am arrives Chengdu12:48pm
Departs Chongqing15:07pm arrives Chengdu19:55pm
The hard sits is Rmb 52/person
The soft sits is Rmb 81/person

Offers several departures daily to Chengdu

Tickets can now be purchased up to 7days in advance form small ticket sales offices all over the city.

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