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KEVINWARDCFC | -General- | 7/2/2006 11:18:11 AM

China is known around the world as the land of cycles. And rightly so - whether for economic or other reasons. I find that cycling is splendid, healthy, leisurely way to get around. No need to bring a cycle into the country - there are plenty for hire.

KEVINWARDCFC | -General- | 6/27/2006 10:55:57 AM

Many visitors in China pride themselves on their struggle to speak in Chinese - and rightly so. But on my recent visit I developed a little trick that helped me enormously. When I foresaw a need to communicate - shop, taxi, booking counter - I asked a friend to write my needs on a piece of paper in Mandarin. I simply showed my paper to the person concerned and I got just what I needed. It saved a lot of painful sign language.

Pick Pockets
KEVINWARDCFC | -General- | 6/18/2006 2:06:28 AM

When one arrives in a tourist destination, especially late evening or night, one is accosted by young men waving and offering busines cards, with photos of scantilly clad ladies who are in the flesh trade. Those foolish enough to fix their eyes on the card wil notice - too late, alas - that their bag or pocket has been violated and lightened. Beware of these young men and also of the ladies in whose interests they ply their trade.

Bus Card
KEVINWARDCFC | -General- | 6/15/2006 4:55:04 AM

Most big cities in China have a bus card system. One purchases the card which can be read by a machine in the bus [and even on some metros]. The machine will deduct the appropriate fare. The card can be topped up. It is very convenient to save one from searching for small change for each journey.

Airport Bus
KEVINWARDCFC | Guangzhou | 6/15/2006 4:52:55 AM

Just a note to remind travellers that from Guangzhou Airport to the city there are many buses. But they do not all go to the same termini. In fact, there are four routes that they follow. There is a little handout that is available which will guide you. Just ask the airport staff for it and then choose your bus. The fare is less than 20 Yuan.

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