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Tiger Leaping Gorge
SLINKYSI | Nov 30, 2007 04:03

Along the well know trek there are a number of guest houses, as usual some are better than others. The worst one of the lot was Halfway House where the staff managed to be impolite at every opportunity. On arrival they asked for money before we'd decided to stay and didn't consider a please or thank you necessary. After ordering an evening meal we asked for a fire to be lit in the dining room had our head bitten off as if we'd committed a crime, the fire eventually appeared but only with enough fuel to last 30 mins. Not only that but the food was not up to scratch either their soups are in fact water with whatever you order added as opposed to the usual chinese broth.
To avoid this GH it's quite an easy 10 minute walk to the next one adn 30 mins to the next. Otherwise stay at Tea Horse GH which has good food and is really at the halfway point.
The gorge however is excellent and worth every ounce of sweat as you walk up and along. The mountain scenery is fantastic and is one place in China where you really hike on a mountain and not walk up steps.

Treacherous Mountain roads.
WINDENERGY | Jun 6, 2007 02:37

I recently traveled round-trip from Weixin to Yibin on the bus. Much of the way was along dusty, rocky roads with major potholes and entire lane closures. There are also numerous other buses and blue coal-hauling trucks to beware of when coming and going.
The drivers are first rate and now I know why the Chinese drivers blow their horns so often. Along a one-lane, twisty mountain road this is the only way of telling on-coming traffic that you are there.
If you plan to travel via bus in northern Yunnan or southern Sichuan, bring along water, some spending money for buying snacks and a pillow and/or blanket to relax with. The busses stop frequently to pick up anybody that is waving them down.


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