Dupery on Badaling

Written by Mr. JUMA Mar 30, 2010 02:05
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Beijing was my first stop when I visited China two years ago, while the Badaling Great Wall was my first travel destination in Beijing. The thrill was indescribable when I stood on the wall. What great effort the ancient Chinese people had made to create this world wonder in tough condition.

When I was about to continue moving upward, I was attracted by a field below an embrasure watchtower. There were horses, camels and stage property of ancient costume. Some people were taking photos there. "It's a good idea to take a picture of riding a horse at the foot of the wall!" My friend suggested. "Yes, let's go!"

I asked the boss how much it cost if we used our own camera. He said 15 yuan. I mounted the horse and asked my friend to take a picture of me, and also I took a picture of him, likewise, by using my camera. When we were about to pay the boss, he advised us to take another two pictures of reining in the horse, that was to shake the bridle to make the horse rear on its hinder legs. I appreciated the boss's kindness and we both took another two pictures, so we paid him 60 yuan for the four pictures.

However, his face clouded over when he saw the money, "Not enough. You should pay me 80 yuan as to rein the horse cost 25 yuan for each of you."

"But why you did not put the case clearly before?" I was angry.

"We have always been like this. This is a guild regulation!"

On hearing this, I realized that I had been duped by him. That's a rip-off. I didn't want to argue with him but paid the money reluctantly and quickly got out of there.

My mind was totally ruined. Though a small case it was, it has harmed the image of the Great Wall to the world. I hope this would not happen any more, and the tourist resort can do something to regulate the behaviors of these self-employed.

Ride on camels and take a picture


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