Travel to Jinshanling by myself

Written by Mr. PAUL Sep 21, 2010 01:26
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I wanted to go to Jinshanling Great Wall also, but I didn't want to take a tour and I wanted to see if I could get there myself. I'll tell you what I did: From Dongzhimen (东直门) bus station I took express (快)bus 980 to 密云县. At the last stop, the bus station, I got out. Immediately there was a man trying to sell me a ride to Jinshanling, and I tried hard to ignore him. After a while he finally went away. There is no real bus line to Jinshanling from Miyun bus station. I checked all the boards but couldn't find any at least. I asked around (I speak some Chinese) and was directed to go wait at the intersection, on the opposite side of the bus station. There are a lot of small vans that take people to nearby towns. Just tell the drivers 'Jinshanling', they should understand. It will take about an hour in the van. Traveling this way is more complicated, but I did find it more rewarding. I paid 50 to be taken to Jinshanling in this van, which is probably too much. Agree on the price in advance. When I finished at Jinshanling at about 15:00 I arrived back at the main gate, and there was a tour bus waiting to go back to Beijing. There were some foreigners already waiting in it and I asked if there was room for one more. There was. I just sat on the bus back to Beijing and the driver didn't ask me any questions at all. Free ride back to Beijing! In total I spent: 15RMB for bus 980 to Miyun. 50RMB for minivan to Jinshanling. 50RMB for entry ticket. Free ride back. Just 115RMB, and I'm sure you could get it cheaper if you haggled on the minivan price, but I was stupid enough to forget. Good luck! If you don't speak Chinese, just ask your hotel to write down Jinshanling in Chinese for you. That you get you there also.

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Jul 11, 2012 08:33 Reply

Mr.LEVI BIRCH from USA said:

Best help on the net! Just to update, the entrance is now 65 RMB in the high season. The bus dropped me off in Minyun and I never saw any shuttle vans, but I may have been convinced to get off of the bus a little early by an accomplice of the taxi drivers. We negotiated to 110 RMB roundtrip for 3 people and he waited for us for 3 hours. There were plenty of taxi drivers at the other end that would take you back if you only book one way, but no tour buses this time. It wasn't very busy when I went and the views were spectacular. The climb may be a little tough for older people. Make sure you have good weather!

So it cost me 30 for the two bus rides, 110 for the taxi, and 65 for the entrance ticket. That's 205 RMB total, but well worth it.

Jul 11, 2012 20:11
Mr.KEVIN replied:

Thanks for your update. I am planning to visit Jinshanling this autumn. Your information is very useful.

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