A Bad Travel Agency in Guilin Spoiled Our Cruise 

Written by Mr. DIEGO Nov 19, 2010 02:41
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The most important thing I would like to publish is our complaint about a local agency in Guilin. The name is HINA GUILIN INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL SERVICE Address: 6-16#Shang Zhi road, Guilin, China, tel. 0773-2997482. We started to make a reservation for the Li river cruise almost a month before. Anna was the lady who always wrote to us arranging the cruise. We were celebrating our 25 anniversary of marriage and wanted to do this very exciting program that is, in my opinion, one of the best things to do in China. We wanted that everything were perfect and my wife spent a lot of time reading in internet, writing and arranging the whole thing.

The last email we received was the that they would pick up us at Osmanthus hotel at 8 o'clock. So we trusted but NOBODY CAME THERE! It was really a very bad situation waiting for someone that would never appear and you know why? Because they waited us the night before to give us the ticket at the hotel but didn saw us. We arrive, at 11p.m. because of a flight delay, but this can be the reason why we lost our cruise! They really have no idea how to do their job! Any people bought the tickets directly in that morning and there were other agencies offering us the package, but we had given our word so just waited. We waited and started calling and emailing the agency. At the end, unfortunately late for our cruise, arrived a desperate and nervous guy (I think the agency driver) who sad that it was too late and wanted to offer us others different packages or we could make the cruise in a 4 places little, noisily boat. We were so stressed and angry that couldn't even think and understand what was going on. I only can say that NOBODY SHOULD PASS FOR A SITUATION like THAT, especially tourists that travel almost 30 hours to get to your country and to do just one thing.

We had only that day to stay in Guilin and we had to make our 25th anniversary cruise in a very bad way. We struggled with the driver and my wife cried for angry. An agency like that shouldn't work because they harm people, they are incompetent and professionally lacking. We were the only people at the pier, taking that ridiculous boat and there are hundreds of nices big and luxury boat (just like we reserved). I think that the agency should have come at 8 o'clock in the morning like WE AGREED, selling the tickets in that time like many other were doing. This fault of consideration to us cannot happen again to other people and I ask you to help us to publish our complaint and to indicate to us an higher instance to denounce it. So we publish and share this whole situation and will try to divulge it in other internet sites.

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Jan 30, 2011 03:54 Reply

Mr.HABA said:

As a tour guide,I'm very sorry for your bad experience. It's not rare for such thing to happen,As a tour guide I really hate the travel agency who can't bear clients' interest in heart. Next time find a travel agency with good reputation,and ask for tour guide& driver's Cell phone Number before arrival. My agency and I made a serious mistake 3 years ago in the very busy new year holiday,making our clients waiting 30 min in the airport.If we know each other's Cell Phone number,and call each other before arrival,it could not happen.

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