An Observation Post of Great Wall-Zhenbeitai

Written by Mr. ALEX Nov 25, 2010 22:21
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This summer holiday, one of my friends from university invited me to his hometown - Yulin, a city located in the north of Shaanxi province and I gladly accept it. You know, as an international student, I was always eager to know more about the common people's daily lives and this would be a very good opportunity. The people there really had some different habits compared with Beijingers, but the thing impressed me most was Zhenbeitai, a famous local tourism site.


I didn't know such a place before going, let alone that it was a part of the Great Wall. Surprised! My friend told me that Zhenbeitai was an observation post, where the Mongolian and Han officials met, held conferences as well as a place the Mongolians paid tribute to Han Emperor. Formerly the Great Wall had impressed me as architectures of walls and beacon towers and I hadn't expected such kind of buildings. But it reminded me some plots in costume TV series. Quite exciting and unique feelings. I was also told by my friend that if the Great Wall was dragon, Zhenbeitai would then be the heart of the dragon. It was not only because of its geographical location, but also because of its military function. If Zhenbeitai was taken, then the attackers would enter the central plains easily.

Since it was an observation point, it afforded a wide view. Standing on it, I saw so-called northern-frontier scene of desert, gobi, pasture etc. Believe me, it could calm our restlessness and dispel our cares.

Walls of Zhenbeitai

At last, I want to give a few tips. Hope it helpful for those will visit it one day:
1. The Red Rock Gorge is close to Zhenbeitai. One can also pay a visit to it after visiting Zhenbeitai. Half a day is enough for those two sites;
2. It's better to visit Zhenbeitai after 10:00am, for the morning might be foggy and one will not see views at a distance;
3. High powered binoculars were available for renting on the site, rmb2 per time. One may have a try since it was cheap and affords a wider view;
4. It took us rmb17 from Yulin downtown area to the site. As I know, bus no. 3 and tourism special bus are also heading for Zhenbeitai. Cheers!

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