What Could You Expect of Hong Kong 

Written by Apr 21, 2011 01:34
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It was the first time I traveled to the southern part of China. As a whole, it was a pleasant tour, except that I couldn't get used to the food. As for Hong Kong, I think I should add one more point: it was much more expensive than the mainland China from almost all the aspects, except the luxury goods, which I definitely cannot afford.

Indeed the transportation system was well-developed, only if you could find its stops. I still remembered how long it took us to find the New World Center bus station of bus no. 973 on the first day. We even downloaded and printed its pick-up point in the form of map. But it turned out that we still needed to ask way from the local. Another aspect I want to mention here about Hong Kong transportation was that Hong Kong streets were much narrower than the ones in mainland China; at least they were in Hung Hom, where I lived. BTW, the drivers really drove crazily. So, pay full attention to the road condition before crossing streets. All in all, I recommend you bring a navigator when travelling to Hong Kong. It seemed that rice noodle and fish balls were very popular among the local, which I really cannot get used to. My friend said I became thinner after coming back. I just kidded that it was because I had never had a satisfied meal there. However, there were some delicious snacks in Hong Kong: sweetmeats, mini egg cake, steamed vermicelli roll… I liked the mini egg cake and sweetmeats most.

Now, let's come to the most important part of a tour, the tourist attractions. We went to the Stanley, the Repulse Bay, the Peak, the Victoria Harbor and the Star Avenue on the first day; the Ocean Park on the 2nd, the Tai Yue Shan and Mong Kok on the 3rd and on the last day, we had a side trip to Macau. Among all the visited sites, the Repulse Bay was my favorite. Maybe it was because I had never seen a real beach. But the thing was, the sand there was big and it hurt to walk on it, barefooted. Coming back, I am considering going to Sanya someday to see better beaches. Nothing special about Stanely, especially its market. My friend and I both thought it was very much like the Muslim Street of Xian. I don't recommend it. The Victoria Peak and Harbor were amazing, you really should go. The Ocean Park was quite big. Actually, I thought it was more like an amusement park rather than an Ocean park. There were many amusement facilities in it, which you could play for free. It really needed one day to have a thorough tour in it. It was foggy the day we went to Tai Yue Shan. We couldn't see the Buddha's face, even if we were standing at its foot. We should have gone to the Disneyland that day.

Well, I will stop here; otherwise I will never make a stop. There is always too much to say about a new thing too me. Wish you guys have a nice trip in Hong Kong too. Good Luck

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Jul 7, 2012 03:52 Reply

Ms.NABILLA from Indonesia said:

Hello, I like ur article!
I'm going to hong kong at 26th July
do you have any idea where's the cheap hostel/hotel for stay at least 2 days there?
it will be my very first time to visit hong kong, thank you


Apr 28, 2011 23:22 Reply

Mr.MARTINT said:

It was really interesting to read! Recently I was in Hong Kong too, but in a few points I had a different experience. Well I rented a mobile guide for Hong Kong called "Ask Ting Ting" this was very useful. It works as phone, navigationsystem and travelguide, all on a rental smartphone. So with this I could easily navigate and never had a problem with public transport, because it gives you the exact directions. About the food, well, fishballs I don't like either....but in example in this phone was an integrated Dim Sum Guide and wow, this was a wonderful experience, not expensive at all and really delicious! Maybe next time you should get these recommendations of this mobile guide, that you don't lose weight again ;-)

May 7, 2011 05:02
Ms.LINGYUXISU replied:

Thank you very much, Mr. Martint, very useful advice.

Jul 31, 2011 20:37
Mr.THANG from Vietnam replied:

how much is it cost for "Ask Ting Ting"?


Apr 24, 2011 13:28 Reply

Ms.ATTA_BUTT said:

Wel come back and I think, "This is a good travel experience you had showed in you tour".

Apr 28, 2011 03:48
Ms.LINGYUXISU replied:

Thank you, Atta. It's tiring but a lot of fun.

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