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Written by May 20, 2011 03:50
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I did not think to go to China, but my best friend lived in Guangzhou and tried to convince me to go to China. It was far away and I went 3-4 times a year at Berlin in Germany and I thought it was enough with it. But my friend sent about 500 individual frames from Guangzhou and ended up I went and bought a ticket to go to the fall when it was cooler there. It was more than six months for the trip and it was out of persuasions, and I began to read me Chinese. Maybe I could learn a little bit!

Went to Guangzhou in mid-November and we went a bit round in southern China, Zhuhai, Guilin and Yangshuo. It was much different than I thought. Much more positive with very friendly and happy people. Before my 15 days was over I had decided to "Will soon go back" to China again. December 1, I went back to Sweden again and there it was cold. I wanted to return to China again, but I wanted to see me for a bit more north in China.

Four months later and at the end of March I went to Guangzhou, but not for visit my friend but I went by train to  Wuhan and had planned to stay a few days before I went north. I did not continue further north but stayed in the neighborhood and had Wuhan as the base. Went around Shanghai, Hangzhou and out to smaller towns and stayed there for some time. Stayed in Shijiazhuang and went from there to Beijing, where there were storms and so would be few days, so back to Shijiazhuang, which became the favorite No. 2 in China for Zhuhai. This trip would be a long  time I thought, but suddenly was more than 1 ½ months away and it was time to head south to Changsha and then  Guangzhou and Zhuhai (a must).

When after a week in Changsha came to Guangzhou, I had only one week left on my as I have thought long journey to meet her friend and maybe he would follow with the Zhuhai, my favorite city in China. My friend had a mission and must go away quickly. He asked if I had any another plan and I said I wanted to go to Zhuhai. His wife bought me a bus ticket and Haizhu bus station was just a few blocks away. I went with a light pack in the backpack and let the rest stay with her friend.

The bus I was going with had only one empty seat and there sat a young girl who looked very nice. We tried to talk to each other with a mixture Chinese, English, Swedish and Moreover, we had dictionaries and electronic translators. This two-hour bus ride was unusually "Short". She had been in Wuhan at that time I was there. What I did not know was that my fellow passengers would become my wife later !!!!! It was unthinkable! I had had my circumstances, and planned to go around and only have myself to "take care of".  (As was the girl clean "baby" and completely harmless on my plans. It turned out later that she was more than 10 years older than she looked).

Equally unthinkable was it for her, she had worked almost around the clock for his firm and had many plans. Not any man would come and "disturb the drawings". She was going to Zhuhai and I asked if she knew any good hotels. She said she could show one. It was a very good price in the hotel room and I said I wanted to bid on food for that job. She had no time for her to the job. I'm calling, she said. She did not call. Two days later the phone from the reception: "You have a visitor!" Yes, it was she and we were also different. As we ate, we know not only that there was very little and that she wanted a beer. There was a lot of paper, pencil and electronic translators. All of a sudden visit was over and she asked if I wanted to see more of Zhuhai. I will Tomorrow she said and disappeared into the taxi. In the morning the day after came this "Whirlwind" back. Taxi here and taxi there, since she vanished on the company meeting. One has hours later she was back long taxitur out to a restaurant  with a lot of aquariums and she pointed out the fish we could eat. Then a taxi back, set me off on the sidewalk and as she vanished again. I called my friend and said I met a very nice girl and we were good friends and had fun even though we had "no language" and that I stay one more day. It suited him well for the job took longer than expected.

She did not show up and I was set to go, so I started thinking about what I would buy what I was going to throw because I had enough for a lot of clothes and stuff. The next day she came back and said there has been much on the job and then phoned her two cell phones and she talked in a button on the other almost all the time. Not a good day and I was a little disappointed that my trip to China was already completed. She went home.

The day after I had packed up and was about to go when Lian was with a friend and had with their fried eggs and shifan to me. It was good but it was also a bit rushed. The buddy who attended were receiving some translation job at the firm and Lian would "say" part of me. There was much queuing on the way to the bus and the taxi took another route and got stuck there. When we got to the bus station rushed Lian and bought a ticket. I could never give her paid for the ticket and she has not received yet. The bus waited a bit and I came up with Lian looked sad and I had a lump in my throat when the bus swung out. When Lian bought bus tickets for me when I asked the translator were to go back to China and I said at the end of September or October.

When I talked to my seat neighbor on the plane if I were to go back to China, I said "I will go home to China in October." A slip of the tongue which was a bit shocking, but who later gave me a bit to think about and my friend lived course in China. But, he did get mission from the Swedish company and it was the difference. In Sweden, sent I tried to talk to Lian in the phone and there was much laughter, and she let very happy. She sent pictures with his mobile. I could not for my operator had no contract with China on the MMS. We called 2-3 times a day and after a while I said 'I'm going to Guangzhou by the end of this week and then it's on 27 July, will you and meet me at airport? "When to come? I gao xing."

I came to the Baiyun Airport, and she had been there a long time and waited and had spent the night with a girlfriend because my plane arrived early in the morning. We went to Zhuhai, but then to another city and she had a modest apartment and said it cost 1000 RMB a month and had to rent for two months. I said it was great for it was much cheaper than hotels. She went away and came with a lot of kitchen stuff. I shall cook for you she said, but no stove. We went out and bought a hot plate in an electronic, that I have not learned to use right. It did nothing for Lian moved in too, but we could Just go out at night when it was dark so as not to meet people she knew.

We went out and looked for some place and apartment, where we could officially live as married. In Tang-Jia-Wan, we found the perfect home. Problems, the owner had no money for equipment div. Lian said the equipment, which would cost the xxxx RMB and we could put a 10-month rent advances that would cover the equipment. A few days later we moved from our furnished apartment with a few bags. Then we had more than 1 month left on the lease, but we wanted to stay where we rented.

Therefore, out to buy a washing machine and furniture and a fan with kylmöjlighet because it was hot in July. I did not want to be around 28 degrees and not too hot or cold. It was very good everything except that it was terribly huge dogs and dog fights off our apartment which was located in a small street intersection with no traffic in the evenings. We got ripped bloody dogs on our patio.  At night, barking, whining and howling dogs and I were out and threw shoes and water bottles at them to get rid of them.

The only thing that happened was that they disappeared and when I closed the door sat the noise started again. After about 14 days are virtually no sleep, we were totally exhausted and got an apartment of about 100 m2 in Zhuhai. Wrote contracts and three hours after that, our furniture. We just threw us in our bed and slept, unpack got to second place. Incredibly nice to get some sleep. Well, ten pre-paid rents were gone and there was nothing to do about it. We lived well in Zhuhai and a few weeks later I went to Sweden and sold it I was there and notified the relocation to China. We lived together a year ago and then we got married.

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