Daily Bus Tours out of Beijing are Scams 

Written by Mr. PEE_OED Jun 7, 2011 04:27
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On May 29, 2011 my wife, who is Chinese telephoned and scheduled a Bus Tour From Beijing to BaDaLing, Great Wall of China.

My wife requested the tour to BaDaLing for 4 Hours and other stops for 30RMB/person as advertised in thier flier. The next morning we were picked up by car and driven to the bus, departure location.

The bus departed at 6am, once on or way and well outside the city limits we were informed it would cost us 180RMB for the two of us. We informed the tour guide we scheduled the 30RMB per person package and did not want the 90RMB per person package. My wife called the number at which she originally scheduled the tour and they were unwilling to give us the tour package we ordered.

Once at BaDaLing we were refused admittance until we paid the 180RMB for the two of us. Under duress we paid the 180RMB.

We were at BaDaLing from 7:30am until 9:00am well under the 4 hours advertised, from 9am until 2pm we were driven to a Jade Jewelry plant and given a sales presentation, form there we were driven to a grocery store and had a 15 minute lunch. Then we were driven to The Wax Museum of the Ming Dynasty for 15 minutes from there we were driven to another Jade Jewelry store to listen to another sales presentation. we left there at around 2pm and were dropped off in the middle of Beijing at around 4pm. We walked to the subway station, took one train to a transfer station, took another train, walked to a bus stop and walked to our room arriving home 1.5 hours after being dropped off in Beijing.

Our Bus was with CIT but in the parking lots of everyone of our detination were many busses from various tour services. When departing the bus to enter each store each person was given a numbered tag and when an item was purchased the number was writen on the reciept, I am sure so the proper Bus services was given there kickback. 

So what happened on the above mentioned day was. My wife, I and many others, were stolen from and taken to points and held against our will.

The bus tour out of Changsha did not include one of the sites as advertised and we were also take to a Jade Jewlery store for a sales presentation at the end of the day. Then when we returned to Changsha we were droped off on the Expressway and had to walk down an exit ramp in traffic to get to our room.  

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May 3, 2014 01:16 Reply

Mr.ANDERSON SMITH from Singapore said:

This is a nice post in an interesting line of content.Thanks for sharing this article, great way of bring such topic to discussion.


Mar 11, 2012 07:28 Reply

Mr.OOI from Australia said:

We have just returned from a tour of Guilin 6th March 2012. On arrival in Guilin airport arrival lounge, 27th February 2012, we were offerred a free ride to our prebooked hostel by CITS (not too sure of the name, may be CIT). A young policeman stopped us on the way towards the gate, asking where we were going. I indicated the shuttle lady who was already out of the gate, saying we were going to the city. The policeman showed us where to get a shuttle for RM20 to the city.
We met a terrific taxi lady, LiangHong, at the last bus stop. LiangHong looked after us and took us to many great sights for RM30 a day when the day was wet.
We found our prebooked hostel room too cold. LiangHong even got us a cheaper and much better, equivalant to a 2,3 star, hotel.
We had a great time in Guilin. Thanks also to LiangHong.


Jul 28, 2011 10:03 Reply

Mr.ANDREW from USA said:

I'm an American working in Beijing. Every tour, every business regarding tourism, anything with sights, etc....are ALL scams. What you have described is unfortunate, and I really do feel badly for you.....however you absolutely must assume that anyone running a domestic business in China is lying to you about everything he or she is saying. If you are still in China, I strongly encourage you to find other methods of getting from one place to another. Hotels that are not under international management are also notorious for arranging these scam tours. It's sad, but true...that you must assume everyone is lying. I've lived here for two years, and that has been the case for myself and everyone I know 100% of the time.

That said, the resources on this particular website are fairly accurate and helpful. I was able to get myself to Badaling when I first arrived with the information on here, which doesn't cost anything, and you get yourself around without anyone's "help". I sincerely hope you will have better experiences in the future.

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