Mutianyu trip

Written by Feb 21, 2010 03:49
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The Great Wall was my big stop in Beijing. When I was hesitating whether to go to Badaling or Simatai, my friend offered me another choice – Mutianyu. Her reason was that Badaling was overcrowded and Simatai was too wild with inconvenient traffic. Mutianyu is not crowded with easier transportation and enjoys some prominence. Sounds good! So I decided to go there.

It was a nice day. I got up early and took the subway to Dongzhimen Gate. The 916 bus station was just located at the Exit B of Dongzhimen Gate station. I quickly got on 916 bus, and about one and a half hours later, the bus stopped at Longshan Hotel (Huairou International Conference Center). There were many minibuses waiting for visitors to Mutianyu. I bargained with a bus driver and finally we reached to 25 yuan to Mutianyu Great Wall ticket office. Half an hour later, I got there.

Visitors had to first climb the mountain to enter the wall. It was indeed a hard work to go mountain climbing. 40 minutes later, I reached the No.6 beacon tower. Raised my eyes toward east, I saw the Great Wall wind sharply up and down. Some stairs were almost vertical. I headed down. It was almost at noon. There were no other shades on the wall except the beacon tower. It was very cool when standing in it. Visitors were fewer. So it was a good place to take pictures. I began shooting time and again. Insensibly, I reached the end of the wall section that opened to visitors. Behind the “No Entry”sign, it was the wild wall. Having not enjoyed to the full extent, I ran the risks of being punished and climbed over the board.

The road was rather difficult, or I might well say there was no road. I was particularly cautious when walking on it. The branches on the two sides were sticking out, which made visitors easily get a scratch. A succession of visitors turned back, suggesting the danger of the place ahead. Sure enough, there was a big beacon tower barred the way. I had to return the way.

Got back to the major road, I advanced to the beacon tower No.20. This was a very long road. The wall repeatedly went up and down. My leg went into spasm and physical strength diminished rapidly. I drank enough water to replace those lost through sweating. By my perseverance, the beacon towers grew louder and more distinct. Finally I made it!

I took the cable car to go down the mountain and went home the same way. At home, I had a bath and felt refreshed. Opened my computer, I wrote these words to record this memorable trip and also to share some feelings with my friends. The Great Wall is wild and broken at some sections, and because of this, many visitors prefer to explore its wildness rather than going to the opened sections. Though there is a sign preventing visitors from approaching the wild sections. A lot of them still turn a blind eye to it (also including myself; ashamed). Probably one day the wild wall would collapse by being stepped upon heavily. We would feel a pity at that time but it is too late. So we should do this now – to protect the wall from everyone and every trivial incident.

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Mar 3, 2010 04:05 Reply

Mr.KEON from France said:

Your experience is helpful to me. I think I will go there and give up Badaling for it is so OVERCROWDED!

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