The worst hotel in China

Written by Sep 3, 2010 00:27
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I stayed recently for 2 nights at the Fu Yuan Landscape Hotel in Dali. This must be the worst hotel in China.The toilet didn't work and repeated calls to reception failed to achieve any repairs. The doorbell didn't work either. It seemed only member of staff spoke a word of English which added to the difficulties in getting any kind of service. Breakfast was dire with tepid coloured water passing as coffee and fruit drink which, it turned out, had been diluted with contaminated water, passing as juice. Nothing else was edible to a western palate. The pillow was harder than the brick mattress and after 5 trips to China, I'm not unused to Chinese firm mattresses. Walls between rooms are paper thin and so every sound from one's neighbours is audible and lastly the room aircon rattled louder than an old T-Model Ford. Do not stay there!

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Mar 3, 2012 02:15 Reply

Mr.CLARKE from Australia said:

I feel sorry for both Mr Porius and Mr Fitzgerald,in that they obviously can NOT accept the thrill of travelling in wild China. And to boot,Mr Porius complains that "only one person spoke any English" Why should they speak another tongue,? YOU are in their country. How much Chinese,what-ever dialect,do you speak ? I am Australian,old at 73 and LOVE the thrill of being off the beaten track,especcially in western China,because it is so remote,so different,so scenic and I have had nothing but friendly service and faces. I can only suggest that both gentlemen stick to the normal,westernised and sanitised major cities.


Dec 22, 2011 23:13 Reply

Mr.FITZGERALD from Australia said:

Things haven't changed. We stayed at the Landscape November 2011 and it was the worst hotel we stayed at in China. No hot water, we could not have a shower because the water came up through the floor grate and flooded the room, the air conditioner did not work, bloody noisy we did not get any sleep during the night and the breakfast
was hardly passable. I agree do not stay there!!

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