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Written by Mrs. SHRUTI GOSWAMI Aug 15, 2011 05:31
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I am Shruti .  i visited shenzhen last weekend. I would like to Share my Views for the City as I am Now emotionaly attached with the city.
I love the city becouse of thier people specially those who helped us in finding our way, though they cannot speak english that much than too they helped us as much as they can. i really thank all of them from the bottom of my heart.
i like the palce Windows of the world , will plan soon for the other places and market.

I request u you people..if you can help in this..Its very difficult for a non chinese person to go somewhere in shenzhen...beacouse the bus routs are not in english. so there should be english route as well.


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Aug 1, 2014 22:27 Reply

Mr.NAVEEN from India said:


We are planning to travel to Shenzhen in Aug / Oct 2014. We have a 5 month old baby with us.
Could you please help us with the following details:

1. How is the weather in shenzhen from Aug - April. What is the temperature like
2. What kind of dresses should we pack especially for the baby
3. How about the medical facilities in Shenzhen. Are they very different from India
4. Is vegetarian food available
5. Are Indian cooking items like rice, dal, atta etc are available. If so, are they costly
6. Also, Pls let us know other small small things we could be aware of before travelling.


Aug 3, 2014 00:32
Mrs.SHRUTI from India replied:

Hi Naveen,
I hope this will be useful. I can tell u the weather acc to hongkong as both the cities too close to each other , the weather will be ye same.
1. Pack summer wear as well as denim jackets n rain coats , rain shitter . Weather can be change anytime so be prepared . For baby pls keep full sleeves clothings n some warm inner.
2. Yes , there many indian restaurants u can search in google. Plz write all the address in local language.
3 . No route in English u ll find except in mtr(metro). So be prepared
4.plz google on India n write each n everything in a diary as no google no other search engine works in china not even fb.
5. Don't knw much abt medical facility but as I heard it's very difficult to communicate as most of them will speak in Chinese. But u can be in touch with some Indian restaurant person so th the can help u in translating . Some of our Frnds r there but I can't give u their no Beco of the privacy concern.
6. Weather should be rainy n thunderous most of the time .
7.i don't think u can get indian grocery stuff there as it's banned to sell indian products over there . Our Frnds used to buy that frm Hk. Though I don't knw much abt that .
That's all I can help . Hope u have a great time there .

Aug 3, 2014 00:52
Mr.NAVEEN from India replied:

Thank you Shruthi for your prompt reply.

Google and FB is not available is it? are other search engines available (like yahoo, msn etc). Pls Confirm.

Doctors also do not speak English is it. Pls confirm. This point is slightly worrying.

Aug 3, 2014 01:44
Mrs.SHRUTI from India replied:

I Asked my friend she said youku search engine works there . And doc n some of the nurses speak in English . You can download a translator baidu in ur mobile phone for emergency use . There r people who hv the translator in their phones they sometimes offer u to write in English n they translate it n help u .


Nov 15, 2012 23:50 Reply

Mr.OWEN from China said:

yes, I understand it's not easy for foreigners to go outside
thanks for your praise to the people who helped you in China, it's our responsiblity to help foreigners,we always welcome you come to visit China!

I stayed in Guang dong province as well, I can speak english, so when I met foreigners in China if they need any help, I always try to help them, because I understand the life in abroad as I used to go abroad as well.

If you need any help in China, you can contact with me by MSN/Email:
I will be happy to help you!

Jul 5, 2014 10:46
Mr.RAJSUNDER from India replied:

Hi i'am Rajsunder from india. I'am planning to visit Shenzhen. I would like to get contact with Chinese those who speak english so that it will be so helpful when i come there


Apr 4, 2013 00:26 Reply


going to Hongkong (5 days trip) middle may 2013, anyone can help me with the tour, suitable location to stay prefer budget hotel and plan to go to Macau, Shenzhen & Guangzhou if possible.

Apr 4, 2013 09:13
Mrs.SHRUTI GOSWAMI from Hong kong replied:

Hi there... I don't know how much I can help u in this. But it depends what is your budget and what kinda places u want to visit. U can have a look on the website for Hong Kong tourist places.
And for Macau , it's very easy to go to Macau from hk and at the ferry pier u can get free shuttle buses to go to any casinos and most of the tourist places are near around. So u jus hv to pay the ferry ticket from hk to Macau and stay . There is not any extra money u hv to spend roaming around in Macau.
for Shenzhen there r acc to me the most visited tourist place is window of the world and the second one is china folk village dat I visited recently. There r many shopping places likes dongmen market and commercial plaza.


Nov 16, 2012 04:29 Reply

Mrs.SHRUTI from hong kong said:

Thanks Mr. Owen for the concern :) !!


Nov 18, 2011 10:56 Reply


Hi i am chandu from hyderabad i am planing to visit ShenZhen i have some doughts can u clear me pls

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