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Written by Mr. DANIEL Feb 20, 2011 10:57
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Hi friends,

I went to Shenzhen couple days ago I visited some bar and nightclub there.
Here is some nice bar to visit :
1. Circle Baron FuHua Road
2. Richy on JiangBei Road
But in some bar the service is slow and rude (in my opinion), maybe it because I have Chinese face.
The worst one was then I went to a bar named SOHO bar (苏荷) on JiaBin Road and I got a pissed by the bartender.

My first impression when I came in was great, because the atmosphere was quite nice and I was sat next to the bar.
But then when I order some beverage, it started making me upset because I had to wait 30 minutes for two glasses of Martini.
Then my girlfriend decided to dance on the dancing stage, so I decided to put my jacket on her chair.
While I was looking at my girlfriend on the stage there're some guests came and the bartender tapped my shoulder and told me to take my jacket and let the new guest sit (in Chinese and fortunately I understood because I am learned Chinese before) and I told him in English that my girlfriend sit next to me.
Then I continued to look at my girl but once again the bartender tapped me and told me again to take my jacket and I told him in really clear Chinese that that's my girl chair, then he continued to do his job.
So I looked at my girl again but suddenly the bartender hit me on my back and looked at me with angry eyes and asked me to use one chair only, and in this point I really upset and told him in CHINESE AGAIN, then he sworn in Chinese which made me really mad, then I took my jacket and let the new guest sat on my girl's chair.
So when my girl came back from dancing she has no chair to sit and I just asked her to go, because I was really really pissed.

I went to a lot of bars in China but this is the first time I hadt such an impolite service. Fortunately that day was the last day I stayed in Shenzhen, so it's not really damage my trip with my girl.

Anyway I still like Shenzhen's bar especially Circle Bar! So try to visit Circle Bar when U go to Shezhen, friends!


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Jun 26, 2013 11:21 Reply

Mr.DIX from Tanzania said:

On the contrary Soho bar was very welcoming to me and two other black friends. We got to the table and bought some drinks, and the maids were so cooperative besides our language gaps (we don't speak Chinese at all) we used translator on our phones and we received a very warm welcome.

The only point we nearly exploded is when a few neighbours started to behave in racist manner. But that was not the management fault, it was personal opinion of nearby tables.

We love SOHO and still go there regularly


Mar 3, 2011 02:44 Reply


hi daniel thanks for your suggestion i wont go to soho

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