Tin Heung Lau Restaurant

Written by Mr. GU LI ZHONG May 3, 2012 19:55
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Last Night after reading recommendation on this site I took my wife, from Hangzhou, to TIN LEUNG LAU  Restaurant.
Staff are friendly and the restaurant is pleasant, except for the table they tried to get us to sit at pushed up against the partition to make space for one more table...

The review says price above $350 per person.... I now imagine they meant  US $ and not HK$ ! as the least expensive appetizer was about HK$375

As to Hangzhou food, nothing to do with Hangzhou, a couple of dishes that might remotely resemble Hangzhou food, but predominately Canton Cuisine and all the very expensive dishes like shark fin soup etc.

If you want such food at such prices then definitely you must be able to find better surroundings... but the point is this is not a Hangzhou Cuisine Restairant.

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Nov 2, 2016 09:41 Reply

Mrs.CRIS DY from Philippines said:

for months I've researched a lot about hongkong. And that includes Yat Lok where you can have the best roast goose in HK . A Michelin star restaurant. Ive been craving to have a taste of the goose . And I can say it really is very tasty & the crunchy skin made it heavenly. BUT the people working & I believe the lady owner were all so rude. If you ask them kindly for anything , they replied shouting impolitely. I just hope they get to realize that customers bring them profit. might as well treat us kindly & politely especially if customers are trying to be kind to them.

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