Advice about Tailors in Hong Kong!

Written by Mr. MATTHEWS TYSON Jul 18, 2012 23:08
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Sadly the days of good quality and honest tailoring in Hong Kong seem to be numbered. As traders desperately need to earn money to pay rent and wages, they will resort to any cunning, manipulative and dishonest ways to win over customers. Tailors in particular are notorious especially in the tourist areas like Tsim Sha Tsui. My advice is to never, under any circumstances, pay up front. Refuse the offer if necessary, no matter how good it sounds. Be fussy when having a fitting. Have an eagle eye for the slightest imperfection and demand it be fixed. Try to have someone accompany you; a second opinion is always valuable. Don't take any notice of the hype and self-promotion. It is a decoy from the real information you need. Go to a licensed and reputable tailor - if you can't find one, and then forget the whole idea!

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Sep 23, 2014 20:05 Reply

Mr.BENP from USA said:

It's crazy how many people have problems with these tailors. I can tell you that I loved Sam’s and I bought 2 suits when I was in HK in 2008 and 3 more in 2012 from Sam’s. That being said, I had the same bad experience when I was in Hong Kong with tailors ripping me off. Good news, not all are bad.


May 21, 2013 19:58 Reply

Mr.ALEVIZOS from USA said:

I first used Maxwell's Tailors in the U.S. when they come to provide tailored goods in twice annual trips. Eventually, I visited Hong Kong TST and went directly to their building in TST. I have now ordered 5 times from them, discovering that my son, an investment banker in HK also had his "overalls" (banker talk for traditional blue suit) made there. My daughter-in-law, who works at another US Investment bank, said her male colleagues also buy suits there. I do not know about the competitiveness of their prices, but they are affordable, have a wide selection of materials and have been honest, reliable and of very good to excellent quality.


Jan 5, 2013 22:10 Reply

Mr.HONEST OBSERVER from Hong Kong said:

Mr. Dennis Frick is it? Or Monalo Tang Plug?

Let's just be clear. WW Chan, Ascot Chang, Gordon Yao, A Man Hing, H. Baroman..really famous..just search through the net or ask around bankers and others in Hong Kong and everyone knows and all mentions these same names. I use one of the above and won't bother mentioning who, but its safe to say that they are in a league of their own.

Monalo Tang, I don't know if I would go and call them a scam but they probably are the same TST-originated tailors they try to insult in this forum. Also, let's just say that I am pretty sure Mr. Dennis Frick is somehow connected to Monalo Tang. Just search online, noone has heard of them before. Actually, just google Monalo Tang review, and i think the one blog post that talks about it sums up how sketchy this operation really is. Btw, let's just be clear, if you truly used WW Chan and Ascot Chang, why would you even use this random nobody and, more importantly, why in your post did you not even mention the difference in reputation between the former 2 and "monalo tang".


Jul 23, 2012 08:32 Reply

Mr.DENNIS FRICK from Hong Kong said:

Hi there,

You make an excellent point. I've been duped several times by the TST tailors and have given up on them completely. Most of the TST based tailors tried to persuade me into buying more, without really hearing my requirements or what I wanted to focus on.

However, I have tried three tailors (WW Chan, Monalo Tang & Ascot Chang) in the past with great success. These tailors (although expensive) provide great service and great quality genuine products. I highly recommend these tailors if anyone is looking for a true custom tailor suit.


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