Ten Days Travel in Yunnan (including Dali, Lijiang, Lugu Lake, Shangri-La and Kunming) - II 

Written by Ms. LIQIONG Oct 8, 2012 21:54
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Day 4
In the early morning, we strolled in the town to seek a bike rental shop. We visited 3 bike rental shops but they charged CNY 30 per bike. We thought it was too expensive and then headed to the bike rental shop near the North Gate. A bike cost CNY 15 per day. Good! What’s more, the bikes were totally new.

Our bike hike started at 09:30. You know, we were not familiar with the roads as we were not locals. Thus, we asked directions several times. The locals were friendly and willing to show you the direction.

Tip: Do bring sunscreen if you decide to ride a bike to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, especially when it is a sunny day.

After 20 kilometers’ bike journey, we arrived at the entrance ticket office. A local couple stopped us when we tried to pay the entrance fee (CNY 105). They said that they could guide us to visit the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain for free. We believe them and then were brought to a place where we could ride horses to visit the mountain. They charge CNY 400 for a round trip. We bargained and they agreed to charge CNY 200 per person. My friend J was interested in the horse-riding. But me and other guys couldn’t stand the steep mountain paths and decided to give it up.

The local couple was kind. They accompanied us to the entrance ticket office though we didn’t ride their horses. At last, we tipped them CNY 30. We heard that we needed to ride 8 kilometers from the entrance ticket office and then we would arrive at the foot of the mountain and see the snow.

It’s too long and the mountain road was too steep. My friends decided to go back. Thus, I didn’t have a chance to see the real snow mountain in person.

Tip 1: Most people must have heard that tourists have to pay CNY 80 as the protection fare if they want to visit the Lijiang Ancient Town. In fact, you needn’t pay for it if you do not visit Mu’s Residence, Black Dragon Pool and Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

What’s more, tourists just need to pay for the protection fare once. If you pay for it in the Lijiang Old Town, you needn’t pay for it again when you visit the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

Tip 2: Be aware of the cable car service on the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. There are cable cars to the Spruce Meadow (CNY 57), Yak Meadow (CNY82) and Glacier Park (CNY172) on the mountain.

If you want to see the real snow, you need to take the cable car to the Glacier Park. Better buy the cable car ticket one day in advance in the Lijiang Ancient Town.

Tip 3: You won’t see the real snow if you ride a horse to visit the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Don’t be fooled by grooms. But it is a good experience.

We got back to Shuhe Ancient Town at 13:00 and then went to Aladdin (a travel agency). There we booked a tour to Shangri-La. Afterwards, we went back to our hostel to have a rest. Bike hike was really exhausting.

When the sun set, we got up and decided to have supper at our hostel. Five dishes and a soup cost CNY 20 per person.

Total cost: CNY 115 in all.

Day 5

Today we were going to visit Lugu Lake. Unfortunately, we all suffered from diarrhea and vomiting last night. But we had to set off at 07:30. The driver came on time but we felt uneasy. Thus, my friends and I felt dizzy on the bus and didn’t have lunch on the way to Lugu Lake.

Tip: The drivers usually stop two times on the way. Then you can take a short rest or go to the toilet. Frankly, the toilets were dirty. But you need to pay CNY 1 if you want to use it. Better get some changes. Forget to say, coins are not accepted in Lijiang. I do not know why.

We finally arrive at Lugu Lake at 14:00. Once we saw the lake, we all suddenly recovered and were amazed by its beauty. Before we reached our hostel in Daluoshui Village, the driver brought us to another village where we spent CNY 30 per person rowing in the lake.

1.5 hours later, we arrived at our hostel. It wasn’t as big as we thought. But the environment was good. It cost CNY 188 per person for a night. All of us felt tired after the bus trip. Thus, we went to sleep once we got everything ready.

Total cost: CNY 274 (bus fare CNY 90, Accommodation CNY 94, Rowing CNY 40, Admission fee to Lugu Lake CNY 50)

Day 6

I woke up at 06:35. Then I stood on the balcony to appreciate the Lugu Lake. The environment made me feel like I was living in my grandma’s house. A few minutes later, we went down to see the sunrise. Thanks to the good weather, we had a chance to see the beautiful sunrise. The owner of the hostel said that she just saw such a beautiful sunrise several times after she came here.

The breakfast offered by the hostel was ok but not economical. Two pieces of bread, a pear, fried egg and ham and a cup of milk cost CNY 15. After breakfast, we started to plan today’s trip. J suggested biking around the Lugu Lake. Considering that we already rode bike in Lijiang, we didn’t want to ride bike here again.

Then we asked the hostel boss if she could rent a car for us. She said “OK”. A van cost CNY 240 and could accommodate 7 people. But there were just four of us and we couldn’t find 3 pals immediately. This didn’t work. J suggested again “How about renting electronic bike to tour around the lake?” Good idea! We found a rental shop and asked how much it cost to rent an electronic bike. Then we were told “CNY 50 per person”. Too expensive!

Eventually, we decided to walk from Daluoshui Village to Lige Village. Before our departure, we asked a local how much it took from Daluoshui Village to Lige. He told us it took about 2 hours for a round trip by foot. We didn’t want to waste our time. Hiking around the Lugu Lake wasn’t approved.

Suddenly, the local told us he could drive us around the lake. But he charged CNY 300. We bargained and finally agreed to pay him CNY 200.

Whew! Time to travel around the Lugu Lake. The driver was very kind and hospitable. He brought us to his orchard and we picked up apples there for free. Seriously, the Weed Sea and Visiting Marriage Bridge were impressive. There were some kids who sold dried apple and perfumery on the bridge. We bought some dried apple and they tasted good.

We finished our tour around the Lugu Lake. It lasted four hours (09:00 to 13:00). On our way back to Daluoshui Village, we bought some snacks at a small shop as our lunch. Then we spent the afternoon at the hostel. Considering that we just got over from diarrhea, we finally found a dumpling restaurant to have supper. After supper, we went to the Luoshui Wharf.

Tip: Many car owners wait at the entrance of the Daluoshui Village. If you want to rent a car, just go there and remember to bargain.

Total cost: CNY 204 (Breakfast CNY 15, Car rental CNY 50, Lunch CNY 25, Supper CNY 20, Accommodation CNY 94)

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