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Written by Dec 11, 2012 01:27
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It is easy to get around in Hong Kong as a tourist. My favorites are bus and boat.
Boats and ferries are very good, as good as transportation, good to see HK from the waterway.
My absolute favorite is the buses in Hong Kong. Even before
arriving to Hong Kong, you can get acquainted with the bus network on the internet and see what stops looks. Then you get the street address and if you want to go in and look at Google Earth, how it looks around the bus stop.
Taxis are also very good. I stayed for one and going to a hotel. The driver said, "you see the house with a big sign, where the hotel is located., I have to go the long way around to get there. You go almost as fast, nice walk too." Very friendly.

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Mar 1, 2016 17:36 Reply

PY868896 said:

i would like to know how to travel from Mongkok to Macau? Is there cheap hotel in Macau?

Mar 1, 2016 19:12
Mrs.DOROTHY replied:

You can take MTR Tsuen Wan Line to the Central, and then change MTR Island Line and get off at Sheung Wan Station. Go out from Exit D and you arrive at the HK-Macau Ferry Terminal. Then you can take a ferry to Macau.

Cheap Hotels in Macau include Galaxy Macau and New Century Hotel, just for you reference.


Oct 15, 2013 20:22 Reply

Mr.LEE from Indonesia said:

There is express train from Hung Hom to Guangzhou East. It takes about 2 hours. The first class seat is hk$190. The special class is HK$230.


Oct 15, 2013 05:08 Reply

Mr.SIM from Singapore said:

how long it takes from hung hom station hong kong to guangzhou east china by express buses.Thank you


Jun 24, 2013 10:07 Reply

Mr.PUNEET SEHGAL from India said:

Dear Gunnarf11,
1. Thanks foa the detailed info.
2. Got the point. On reachig Shenzen North station i should Go to Metro 4, Longhua Line. Ticket: 4 RMB from Shenzhen North to Futian Checkpoint. 9 stations. Time: ca 20 min.
3. As i understand it will take about 30-90 min for crossing formalities.
4. What is not understood is
(a) the meaning of :- Walk to Lok Ma Chau (Futian Port) Hong Kong. Ticket MTR East Railline, Lok Ma Chau to Hung Hom ~33 HKD and 45 min.
(b) From Hung Hom area how far will the disneyland be.
(c) Reply to questions 3-7 asked on 23 Jun if you have an idea.
5. Lastly if you have an idea, if i reverse the trip ie Macau first and HK later so that at the end of day 1 i stay at Macau and spend only 2 days and 1 night at HK, will it work out cheaper. (Basically are the hotel rates cheaper at Macau than HK).
Thanks once again

Jun 24, 2013 14:21
GUNNARF11 replied:

Excuse my bad English, I just write!
Turning on the trip can be an idee. Go from Guangzhou South to Zhuhai North. Time about 1 hour. Distances 116 km and costs 43 RMB. (Do not know if more lift is ready to Macau yet). The tracks are under construction to Macau. There are several buses from Zhuhai North, but I will Just remember 3A. It goes to a port for hydrofoil go to HK. I recommend going to the Gong Bei in Zhuhai. Close to good hotel built approx 2010, New East Hotel Zhuhai. Price about 180 RMB. Near Border Station. Walk 100 meters and you see the big red building, which is the border station Zhuhai-Macao. In this square is very large underground shopping mall several floors. Escalators. Very big tourist trap, but also ample opportunity to bargain.
When you have passed through border control to Macau are many buses to various places in Macau. I do not know more because I lived in Zhuhai and did not care about the world's largest gambling city, bigger than Las Vegas. In Zhuhai go my wife taxi (she employed) I her needy man, haha, a bus). Many in Macau go over to Macau to stay. Then you have probably multiple-entry in the visa. Macau experienced by mainland residents dearly. Hong Kong is the world's most densely populated city and hotel rooms so small that it would be better they threw out the bed and put two closets which sets klädgaljen in such jacket. Assumes it hangs up themselves and sleeping. I like Hong Kong, but would rather sleep on the other place. (My wife says they sleep a lot better at the Hong Kong Airport's chairs than on the Hong Kong hotel). One can take the hydrofoil from Macau to Hong Kong Airport. From there it isnnot so far from Disneyland. I've never been there. Often, I have about 10nhour flight in the legs and wants to go home soon. Hong Kong Airport is one of the best airports in the world. Everything is there. Think Guang Zhou Also among the top 10, but must be expanded, old in China more than 10 years. For

Jun 28, 2013 23:45
Mr.PUNEET SEHGAL from India replied:

Thank you Gunnarf 11 for the reply,
1.How is the hotel New East Hotel Zhuhai to stay?
2. How far from border and which bus no to take to this hotel?
3. How far form this hotel to various sight seeing tours such as- The Fosherman's Wharf, Venetian, Sands, Lisboa, Ruins of St. Paul's, Senado Square, Monte Fort, A-ma Temple, Macao Tower

Jun 29, 2013 00:41
GUNNARF11 replied:

Answer 1: A maximum of 500 meters from the New East Hotel to Macao Border Crossing.
2: Detail Hotel New East on www.Agoda.com Also map.
3: can not answer this question correctly, then I only went to Macao to update my stay in China. Then just go to Macau and stamp from China then get 90 new day break in China.


Jun 23, 2013 07:13 Reply

Mr.PUNEET SEHGAL from India said:

Dear all,
I & my family (wife + 02 kids (age 08 & 01) shall be travelling from Guangzhou to Hongkong, Macau and Shenzen in mid Jul 2013. I have a double entry visa for mainland China. One time visa gets expired once we enter mainland China to Guangzhou. Hence i plan to travel by speed train to Shenjen in morning and then to HK. I have the following queries:
1. On arrival at Shenzen railway station what is the best and cheapest way to get to Hongkong at the earliest? Where to get the visa formalities completed? Does a train go from Shenzen to HongKong? Which area will train arrive in HK? or will bus be better and how to get the bus including bus numbers?
2. I intend to visit Disneyland for one day and city tour the next day? On arrival from Guangzhou/Shenjen by train which would be an ideal place/area to stay in Hongkong to cover these areas? Moderate budget? Are 1 year old children allowed inside Disneyland?
3. What is the best way to travel fm HK to Macau other than flight? If ferry service, then which place is it available and at what times? what are the approxrates rates of ferry tickets? where are visa formalities done at Macau?
4. Best place to lock luggaage (02 small bags) for the whole day prior to sight seeing as intend to cover the city morning to evening.
5. Best way to travel from Macau to Shenzen in evening/ night to arrive at hotel other than flight? till what time is ferry available to go to Shenzen? Is it better to travel directly from Macau to Shenjen or Macau to HK and then to Shenjen? What are the ferry rates from Macau to Shenzen? where are visa formalities done post arrival in Shenzen?
6. Is there bus travel also available between HK and Macau?
7. Best place/area to stay in Shenzen after arrival fm Macau to visit Shenjen city next day. Intend visiting Splended China & Folk Custom Village. How far will be this area be from Shenjen railway station to go back to Guangzhou?
Thanks and regards

Jun 24, 2013 00:58
GUNNARF11 replied:


GUNNARF11 said:

From Guangzhou South to Shenzhen North Station with G-train. About 36 min, CNY 74,5.
When I came to Shenzhen North Station, I went to the Metro and bought the ticket at the vending machine. Cost only 4 RMB. (I had been recommended to take a taxi at a cost of approximately 60-70 RMB). Taking the Metro very interesting. It was crowded and I was left, which was a good fit for the journey sitting. There were nine stops at the border post, where I wouldbreak. Then walk to the border screening and passport control. It went pretty quickly and so I was back in Hong Kong and Look Ma Shau.
From Look Ma Shau MTR to Hung Hom, (Kowloon and Hong Kong Railway station) ~33 HKD and time 45 min.
Shenzhen Bei
Go to Metro 4, Longhua Line. Ticket: 4 RMB from Shenzhen North to Futian Checkpoint. 9 stations. Time: ca 20 min.
Short Walk to Checkpoint China/Hong Kong. Time for Inspection: ca 30-90 minute. Walk to Lok Ma Chau (Futian Port) Hong Kong. Ticket MTR East Railline, Lok Ma Chau to Hung Hom ~33 HKD and 45 min.
Around Hung Hom are many hotels, Maybe you can get advice from people with better local knowledge.

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